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New Additions To The Real Techniques Range

real techniques new additions to Australia

As I mentioned from an earlier post where I met the Pixiwoo sisters, here are the 3 new additions to the Real Techniques range :-

  • Miracle Sculpting Sponge RRP $16.99
  • Ultimate Base Set RRP $45
  • Miracle Mine Eraser Sponges RRP $16.99

You can buy Real Techniques at Priceline* BTW.

Miracle Sculpting Sponge

real techniques miracle sculpting sponge

This is a 6-surfaced sponge designed for highlighting (using the small side) and contouring (using the large side).

For everyday busy women and mamas out there, who has time to highlight and contour in the mornings??  Definitely NOT me.

I did find the large flat side useful for applying and blending out blush though when I ran out of clean blusher brushes.

And I can see how this Miracle Sculpting Sponge would be useful for those women out there who have time and skills to highlight and contour.

Ultimate Base Set

So this set contains 3 goodies and one dud.

The 2 makeup brushes are great with super soft bristles.  The Expert Face Brush is great for applying and buffing liquid foundation.  The Deluxe Concealer Brush is obviously meant for using with concealer – but I actually like to use it to apply eyeshadow because the dense brush picks up a lot of pigment.

real techniques miracle complexion sponges


I’m already a major fan of the Miracle Complexion Sponge – which is the NUMBER ONE SELLING PRODUCT IN PRICELINE!!!  That’s a photo of the duo pack of sponges** – I bought these when they were on sale as a backup.  I like to use this sponge in its damp state for applying liquid foundation or BB cream because it somehow makes my skin look more dewy than when I just use my fingers.  It’s also great for blending in concealer under my eyes too.

real techniques ultimate base set

As for the dud… it’s the Exclusive Mirror To-Go Case…which I assumed would fit both brushes but it didn’t….and I just don’t see the point in it really.  Sorry!  >_<

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge

This cute little purple sponge comes in a pack of two.  The sponge is dinky and used damp for blending away harsh lines and dry to sweep away makeup mistakes.

I like the idea of it but I have to admit that I didn’t reach out for it as much as I thought I would as I am so accustomed to using my fingers / cotton bud / makeup wipe when I make a makeup boo.

real techniques miracle mini eraser sponge

Instead, I think these Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges are a perfect gift if you have little mini-me’s who love to play with their mummy’s makeup!

Clearly, my beauty blogging genes have passed onto Little Miss B!

real techniques new ultimate base set

Disclosure :  Thanks again to 360 PR for inviting me to the event and gifting me this goodie bag.

* denotes an affiliate link which means you pay nothing extra if you buy anything via my link, but I do get a small commission

** I bought this duo pack of sponges, liked it and wanted to blog about it.  You can call me Disclosure Queen 😛

*** Also, if you’re wondering why I’ve started blogging about beauty stuff on this blog, then read here

Meeting The Pixiwoo Sisters

Real Techniques Australia event with the pixiwoo sisters

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a Real Techniques beauty media event to meet Sam and Nic Chapman, AKA the Pixiwoo sisters from Youtube.

I’m always a bit nervous meeting famous people, but Sam and Nic were BOTH so lovely, friendly and approachable!!!  Very down to earth!!!

And yep, their makeup is absolutely flawless in real life too!

We had a good chinwag about pelvic floor exercises and pregnancies and we laughed at how British cups of tea are the solution for all problems.

melbourne beauty bloggers

It’s been a while since I’ve attended any blogging events due to life commitments but I’m glad I was able to make it to this one.  It was great to catch up with old blogging friends and make new acquaintances too.

The event was held at the Skybar Lounge at Crown Metropol which required a solid 15 minute walk, i.e. a lot of waddling for me, all the way from Flinders Street Station – haha!

fish and chips at Skybar Lounge at Crown Metropol

But I refuelled my energy by loading up on the yummy food they served.  This was my fave – fish and chips, of course!

The sisters were in Australia to launch 3 new additions to their Real Techniques range in Priceline, of which I will share more about in a later post.

Thanks to 360 PR for the invite!