How To Get Your Old Instagram Name Back

how to get old instagram name back

This is a bit of a geeky slash bloggie post for all those who permanently deleted their Instagram but want to get their old username back.

Previously this was NOT possible but I DID IT TONIGHT AND SO CAN YOU!

{ And if you’re a regular reader who isn’t interested in reading this post, before you click away, I’m now @LingOutLoud on social media so DO NOT BE ALARMED.  It is still me! }

So allow me to share my experience…


5 Of My Favourite Flat Lay Instagrammers

Flat lay photography is the current trend! Follow these Instagrammers to get inspired to create your own flat lays

If you have a thing for flat lay photography, then ‘Hello, we’re twinning!” and you should totally check out and follow 5 of my favourite flat lay Instagrammers because they do #kickassflatlays.


gorgeous fruit flat lay by Instagrammer @rawveganblonde. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

@rawveganblonde – real name Amber – makes cuttings of fresh fruit and veggies look SUPER sexy!

All her flat lays are colourful pieces of art that always gets my finger double tapping in no time.

Follow @rawveganblonde


gorgeous flat lay by Instagrammer @kisforkani. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

@kisforkani is infamous for her fashion blogging so there are lots of fashion photos on her Instagram.  But now and again, she will post up awesome and colourful flat lay photos of clothes { perfectly folded, of course } / food / shoes / stationery / homewares / makeup etc.

Follow @kisforkani


gorgeous furry cat flat lay by Instagrammer @mrpaddingtonbear. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Cindy Chen is behind this Instagram and she’s a professional stylist and photographer so her Instagram feed is to die for.

Her flat lays – food, clothes, accessories – are all immaculate but I love the ones of her cat – who I believe is called @mrpaddingtonbear…??

gorgeous furry cat flat lay by Instagrammer @mrpaddingtonbear. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Yes, I repeat, you can flat lay a cat!

Follow @mrpaddingtonbear

2018 update!!!  So unfortunately, the last 2 flat lay Instagrammers have now deleted their accounts and you can no longer follow them…  Boohoo!!!


awesome beauty flat lay by Instagrammer @beautyandthewildthings. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Gorgeous and sophisticated beauty product styling can be found on @beautyandthewildthings.

Usually a beauty product is captured with perfectly arranged flowers and leaves.  It’s something I want to try and aspire to do for my beauty blog photos.

Follow @beautyandthewildthings


gorgeous pink flat lay by Instagrammer @vije79. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

If your favourite colour is pink, then you will adore @vije79 Instagram account.  Pink flowers, pink makeup, pink nail polish, pink handbags, pink errthang!

She has over 21.5K Instagram followers who must all love girly and cute things like me 🙂

Follow @vije79

Click here to read my flat lay photography tips.

Let me know in the comments about your favourite flat lay Instagrammers and I’ll go and stalk them 🙂

How To Take Flat Lay Photos Like A Boss – 10 Tips

How to take flay lay photos. Lighting, tips and tricks you need to get the perfect flat lay photo. More on

One of my goals this year was to become a fit exercise-loving mum improve my photography especially for my beauty blog so I’ve been poring through plenty of photography books trying to understand all the jargon, pushing all the buttons on my cameras and scrolling through Instagram every hour.

If you haven’t noticed, flat lays are the new black!

All flat lays are equal, but some flat lays are more perfect than others.

If you want to learn to how to take flat lay photos like a boss, then read on for my 10 tips :-

lighting for flat lay photos

1.  Lighting

This will help create a clear photo highlighting all the details.  Set up your flat lay near a big window where natural light will shine through and don’t forget to position yourself to avoid lurking shadows in the photo.  If, however, natural lighting is impossible, do consider getting a couple of cheap photography soft boxes from eBay.

2.  Background

Plain backgrounds work best as a bold backgrounds can drown out the items you are trying to highlight.  If you don’t want to go for the same old solid white backgrounds, try using wallpaper, wooden floorboards, bed covers or your partner’s bare back!  { << just joking and making sure you’re paying attention! }

3.  Use Blu Tack

Tack down the items that have a tendency to roll away, e.g. lipstick

4.  Make it pretty

Use your common visualising senses here.  For example – think carefully of product positioning, don’t post up dirty stained clothes, don’t use too many clashy colourful items, do think of negative space, sometimes less is more and sometimes more is less… { and sometimes I don’t even understand what I just wrote!!! }

flat lay tips, flat lay photography, flat lay tutorial

5.  Square format

If you’re uploading your flat lay onto Instagram, then remember they like square format photos so you may want to set up your items in a square { or if you have an iPhone, select the Square option }.

However, if you haven’t shot square then don’t panic because just download the free Whitagram app as it adds a white border to your rectangular photo to make it square.  Or just crop it till you’re happy with it.

6.  Camera

Nowadays, smartphones can take great photos…but if you want to go one up, use an actual  camera.  A lot of cameras these days are Wifi enabled which means you can snap the photo, send it to your email and then download onto your phone to upload onto Instagram.  { Unfortunately, none of my cameras have this Wifi function… *hint hint* to the Camera Giving Gods }

7.  Props

Get prop happy to add a special touch to your photos, e.g. flowers, candles, inspirational quote prints, MacBook, magazines

8.  Steady hands

Nobody likes a blurry eyeball-hurting shot.  Hold your breath as you take the photo.  Or if it is possible, use a tripod.

9.  Practice makes perfect

Nobody is a flat-lay-born pro!  Just keep practising and take a number of shots till you get it right.

how to take flatlays, flatlay photo tips, flat lay photography

10.  Get flat lay inspiration

Search the hashtag #flatlays on Instagram and follow the people that catch your eye.  Obviously, don’t be a copycat but identify what you like about their style and find different ways to incorporate that into your own flat lay photos.

Read my 5 favourite flat lay Instagrammers you should follow now for inspiration.

I hope these 10 tips have been helpful.  Now, go forth and flat lay like a boss!

P.S.  If you aren’t following me on my Instagram account @LingOutLoud { beauty / food / baby / life photos }, you are dead to me!!! 😛

Do you have any more flat laying tips?  If so, pop them down in the comments because sharing is caring!