I’ve been in the nesting phase since I started maternity leave a few weeks ago.  I started decluttering the house – I binned all the useless junk, donated clothes I would never fit into again to charity, sold a few unwanted household items and gave a lot of barely used / brand new makeup to friends.

And then, a few days ago, I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed…

Share The Dignity #itsinthebag

Share The Dignity #ItsInTheBag is such a great campaign for women out there who put the needs of others before their own.

I realised how lucky I am to be a hoarder / bargain bulk buyer / owner of nice things…

Immediately, I found 5 unused handbags and filled them up with lots of goodies I had around the house, wrote a little note and dropped them off the next day at my nearest collection point.

share the dignity

{ That’s my Mama in the photo.  She arrived on Monday all the way from Scotland to help me with bubba #2.  She helped me drop off the bags.  Haha, isn’t she cute? }

I’m hoping to get some more bags ready before the cut-off date which is 3rd of December.

BTW I’m not writing this post to boast about what I have done; but to share the cause and hopefully get more people involved.

For more information on collection points, click here.

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