The lovely folk at Smash Enterprises sent us a few bits and pieces from their new Back to School Catalogue.  My girls were super delighted with the bright and colourful offerings and we’ve been using them ALL the time and I’m going to share with you our faves today.

Let’s start with the drink bottles.  There are 2 drink bottles so one each, right?  But no, they both fight over who gets the one with the ice cream design *rolls my eyes*

Luckily, it’s a nice big bottle so I only need to fill one up with water and they both share on our outings.  Sibling germs don’t count, right?

Do you see how the straw has a slight orange tinge?  Well, let me explain why.  We were away in Thailand recently and of course, we had to take their favourite water bottle along with us.  It’s so hot, humid and sweaty over there that we mixed Hydralyte orange flavoured powder into their water and they loved it.  But now that we are back in Melbourne, we’ve gone back to our usual H2O straight from the tap.

The blue cloud design drink bottle does not get neglected!  I use it all the time, haha.

As for the ‘You Had Me At Party’ Tall Twin Case, we take this along to my 4yo’s swimming and dancing classes, packed with yoghurt pouches, cheese sticks and fruit salad.  The insulated lining means that it keeps these treats nice and cold.  It’s especially helpful as the swimming centre we go to gets so hot and stuffy in there!

Last but not least, there’s the pink and purple Smash Lunch Box which should be renamed Family Snack Box.  We take this practically everywhere because it is SOOOO spacious.  My kids are ALWAY hungry and sniffing around for snacks.

In the pink section (my 4yo’s fave colour!), it fits BOTH of their snacks.  It’s so much more convenient to have one big box rather than lugging around 3-5 smaller snack containers!

BTW, I have to make sure they both have the SAME snacks each otherwise they get mad with me.  Can’t believe I have to deal with such attitude at their age, huh!

As you can see, I am not one of those mums who never give my kids chocolate!  I do give them chocolate but I usually give them bitter dark chocolate, haha!

Over in the smaller purple section, it fits MY snacks!  YAY!!!  You can’t see it in the photo but there is a green apple there along with my chocolate cereal bar because balance!

Caffeine is my best friend and I always have a tea bag or coffee sachet stashed away so I can make a fresh brew in my Smash Barista Buddy Reuseable Coffee Cup.

I tried to think of something negative I didn’t like about the Smash products but I seriously couldn’t think of anything!

All Smash products are free from BPA, Phthalates, Lead and PVC.  You can find the above Smash products I posted in selected Coles supermarkets and they’re all $15 RRP or under.

Cheers for the smashing goodies, Smash!

Disclosure :  This is not a sponsored post.  Products were provided for review.

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