Tiny Toddler Friendships

toddler friendships

I get a warm and fuzzy heart-warming feeling when I see my tiny toddler hanging out with her tiny toddler friends.

They don’t even have to talk to each other.  They just glance at each other, make funny faces and noises and then giggle non-stop.

And it’s super duper cute when these little human beings cuddle each other.

Of course, it can all go t*ts up the next minute when they all want the SAME toy so when one cries, the other two will follow suit.

But then, the next minute, they’re BFFs once again!!!  #toddlerlyf

Taste Testing Aldi Dark Chocolate Bars

Hi, I’m Ling, your dark chocolate taste tester for the day!

Yes, I know I am pregnant and shouldn’t consume so much caffeine…and yes, I know I have also got gestational diabetes, but…  YOLO!!!  It’s all about moderation!

Besides, dark chocolate has less sugar than the milk and white chocolate variety and it is packed full of antioxidants and positive health benefits blah, blah, blah… { I’m the ‘if it tastes good, I’m eating it’ type of gal }

aldi dark chocolate bars

In the name of blog research, I purchased 5 different types of dark chocolate bars from Aldi { from memory, they’re all under $3 #bargainbuys } and here are my findings…

Let’s start with the Moser Roth varieties…

I love how they come in 25g individually wrapped servings.  I sometimes put one in my handbag for a quick sugar fix and I have less of a tendency to overindulge because they are individually wrapped.

The Finest Dark Chocolate Sea Salt needs no introduction if you are a long time blog reader. I love it because the sweet-bitter-salty balance is perfect.  10/10

I find the Finest Dark 70% Cocoa great for baking in muffins and cookies.  On its own, it gets a bit mundane and I can’t manage a full 25g serving and only eat half – which is a good thing though, isn’t it?  8/10

aldi chocolate

The newest addition to the Moser Roth family is the Finest Dark Chocolate Ginger.  I love ginger especially with chicken rice, but sadly, I don’t like it in my chocolate.  The sweet crystallised ginger pieces didn’t tickle my fancy AT ALL.  These can all go in Mr LOL’s lunch boxes!!!  1/10

Another new Aldi dark chocolate addition is the Just Organic Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt.  Not only is it organic chocolate but it’s also Fairtrade.  It’s got 70% cocoa so it’s more bitter than the Moser Roth version and I felt that it could up the ante with the salt for a more savoury hit.  9/10

Last but not least, we have the Choceur Dark Hazelnut.  It doesn’t skimp on the hazelnuts at all.  Just think of the nutritional benefits of eating hazelnuts – high in calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and E!  Every bite is perfection and it’s so MORE-ISH.  This is currently my fave dark chocolate bar!!  10/10

chocolate loving toddler

Little B agrees!

Are you a fan of Aldi chocolate too?  What’s your fave?

Thoughts Of The Week #1

thoughts of the week

1.  I really really really really WANT the Hourglass Surreal Light Palette but I have swatched it in store and it’s not really wearable shades for me so I simply cannot justify splashing $116 on something I will probably NEVER use.

2.  Instead I spent $30US and made my first ever Colourpop order.  YAY!  Can’t wait to show you my wee haul.

3.  Thursday was my last day of work.  I’m proud of myself for working this far along in my pregnancy { 35+ weeks } considering that I thought I’d have to go on early maternity leave because of my severe pelvic girdle pain / back pain / all-day sickness.  I’m definitely ready for some nesting and resting!

4.  We have officially chosen a name for the baby because when we ask Bunty what her little sibling’s name is, she knows.  Now I just need to get my Dad to come up with a Chinese name.  And I also need to think of a ‘social media name’ for the little one like the one we have for Bunty.  { Bunty is not my toddler’s real name and she would never respond to it IRL, haha! }

5.  Bunty is turning 3 next month!  Life is gonna be crazy with a newborn and THREE-nager!

6.  There’s a bossy girl in B’s ballet class and she loves to push B around.  I have to stop myself from stepping in and let her learn to defend herself.  Luckily B just ignores her and gets on with it.

7.  Instagram Stories was REALLY annoying until a girlfriend told me you can MUTE stories by pressing on their icon.  Now that I’ve muted out all the annoying ones, I’m really enjoying it.  Jamie Oliver and Chrissy Teigen are currently the only celebrities I follow on Instagram Stories because I like their “realness”.

8.  Snapchat filters are the best.  The Hello Kitty one needs to be permanent!

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