Sharing is Caring : Share The Dignity #ItsInTheBag

I’ve been in the nesting phase since I started maternity leave a few weeks ago.  I started decluttering the house – I binned all the useless junk, donated clothes I would never fit into again to charity, sold a few unwanted household items and gave a lot of barely used / brand new makeup to friends.

And then, a few days ago, I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed…

Share The Dignity #itsinthebag

Share The Dignity #ItsInTheBag is such a great campaign for women out there who put the needs of others before their own.

I realised how lucky I am to be a hoarder / bargain bulk buyer / owner of nice things…

Immediately, I found 5 unused handbags and filled them up with lots of goodies I had around the house, wrote a little note and dropped them off the next day at my nearest collection point.

share the dignity

{ That’s my Mama in the photo.  She arrived on Monday all the way from Scotland to help me with bubba #2.  She helped me drop off the bags.  Haha, isn’t she cute? }

I’m hoping to get some more bags ready before the cut-off date which is 3rd of December.

BTW I’m not writing this post to boast about what I have done; but to share the cause and hopefully get more people involved.

For more information on collection points, click here.

I Can Still See My Toes

Every pregnancy is different.

This time round nearing the end of my 3rd trimester, I can still see my toes!!!

shellac pedicure with naturalizer whimsy sandals

Hence the need for a pretty pedi.

I’m a big fan of shellac pedicures because they last for ages, there’s no chipping and it’s pretty reasonable in terms of cost depending where you go.

This turquoise green Express Pedicure was done at Organique Wellness and Beauty Bar in Pran Central for $35.  Well, it was actually $35.35 because there was a 1% card surcharge.

The first thing Bunty said to me when she got home that day was – “NEW COLOUR MUMMY!!!  I WANT!!!”

Seriously, toddlers notice E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!

naturalizer whimsy sandals

As for the gorgeous gold snake print sandals adorning my feet, they are courtesy of Naturalizer from the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch Event I attended a couple of weeks ago.

Comfy yet stylish.  Perfect for this busy mama who is planning to drop a sprog very, very soon!

All I need is less rain and more sunshine so I can show off my pretty feet!!!  D’you hear me Melbourne??!!!

My First ColourPop Haul & It Won’t Be My Last!

I never used to be a fan of online shopping because I like having instant gratification from my retail therapy.

HOWEVER, that was until I turned into the size of 3 whales and waddling around shops didn’t seem that enjoyable anymore. #preggolyf

Enter online retail therapy which has delayed gratification…but when your parcel arrives, it’s like unboxing a present to yourself.


One of my online shopping hauls was from ColourPop cosmetics.  I ordered on a Saturday night and my parcel arrived 10 days later…  *squee*

colourpop shopping haul


FYI, I didn’t buy ALL of those goodies…  Half of it belonged to my girlfriend, Minda

Behold my ColourPop haulage…

makeup flatlay

ColourPop Bangin’ Brunette Brow Pencil

Say hello to my new HOLY GRAIL brow pencil!!  Yup, it’s perfect.  Well, except for one thing…  Once you wind it up, you can’t wind it down again.  GURRRR!!!

colourpop bangin brunette brow pencil

The colour is spot on now that my hair roots are showing through.  And the skinny tip is fantastic for emulating brow hairs.  I LOVE IT!!!

ColourPop Easy Peasy Sculpting Stix

colour pop easy peasy sculpting stix

I need help in the contouring department especially now that I have a big moon face thanks to pregnancy weight gain, so I thought I’d give this contour stick a go since it’s supposed to be “Easy Peasy”.

The colour looks very brown (see my swatch below) but once blended in, it suits my yellow Asian skin tone…but I still need to work on my non-existent contouring skillzzzzzzz

ColourPop Let’s Play Lippie Stix

The packaging is uber cute.  This lippy is from their newest collab with Hello Kitty.  I may be 36 years old but I will love Hello Kitty foreverrrrrr!!!

colourpop hello kitty

The colour is a beautiful cranberry red with a hot pink micro shimmer – very festive and very apt for Christmas.  I wore it without prepping my lips beforehand with lip balm so it did feel slightly dry.  It’s a very full-on colour and it lasts ages on the lips before fading into a pretty berry stain.

ColourPop Frick N Frack Ultra Satin Lip

colourpop frick n frack

This is one of their bestsellers so it went into the shopping cart.  The Ultra Satin Lip formula felt great on my lips – almost like I was not wearing anything.  Unfortunately, Frick N Frack is too brown for me.

Even my little toddler tried it on and asked for it to be removed straight away!  She likes her pinks and reds like her mama!

I have to layer a bright red over it to make it a semi-wearable shade for me.

ColourPop Cheerio Blush

I thought I made a boo boo buying this blush because it looked like a really strong bold cranberry pink shade which would make me look like a China doll…

colourpop cheerio blush

But once applied on the cheeks, it suited my skin tone to a tee!  It just gives me a lovely healthy flush of colour on the cheeks.

This creme powder formula is AMAZING!

And I wish, I wish, I wish I bought some eyeshadows to try now.

ColourPop Swatches

colourpop swatches

From left to right, we have swatches of ColourPop Banging’ Brunette Brow Pencil, Easy Peasy Sculpting Stix, Let’s Play Lippie Stix, Frick N Frack Ultra Satin Lip and Cheerio Blush on my yellow Asian NC-30-ish skin tone.

colourpop shopping haul

Now I know why so many peeps rave about ColourPop cosmetics!  I am a convert!!!

Sadly, I’m now officially on a spending ban { because #maternityleave #anothermouthtofeed } but when I have saved up some moolah for makeup ( 48587 years later! ), I will definitely buy more stuff from ColourPop.

Have you tried anything from ColourPop cosmetics yet?  What was your latest online shopping haul?

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