Dear Dainty : Welcome To The Fam

Dear Dainty,

You’re here!  You’re here!!!

We’ve been so excited.  We’ve wanted to have you for a long time { since your big sister, Bunty, was 9 months old } and we’ve prayed for you and when we finally found out we were DEFINITELY going to have you { via CVS genetic testing }, we were overjoyed.

Welcome to the fam!

Welcome to the alpha thalaessamia trait fam where we – me, your dad, your big sis and you – all have two abnormal alpha global genes on the same chromosome!  I’ll explain it to you when you’re older but basically, do not follow in my footsteps and marry someone with the same blood genetic disorder otherwise you’ll be in for a lot of heartbreak.

Anyway, you arrived in a different way to your big sister and I must write down all the details before my mummy brain takes over and I forget.

I have described you as ‘little but loud’.  However, you’re not exactly little weighing in at 3.73kg but you’re a little little-r  than your big sister who was 0.1kg heavier { but in all fairness, she baked 9 days longer than you… }

We can already see a lovely sister bond forming between you two.  Every time your big sister comes home, she rushes to see you and she says “Big sister is home now” and kisses you.  It is simply gorgeous.

That said, she said you were smelly yesterday when she kissed you!!  But that’s because you had some dried spit up in the corner of your little pouty mouth haha.

You’re 8 days old today so you’re still sleeping most of the time and I am going to enjoy as many newborn baby snuggles on the couch as I can.

We love you loads and can’t wait to have more precious daily moments with you.  Thank you for joining our fam.

Love your Mama x

Sharing is Caring : Share The Dignity #ItsInTheBag

I’ve been in the nesting phase since I started maternity leave a few weeks ago.  I started decluttering the house – I binned all the useless junk, donated clothes I would never fit into again to charity, sold a few unwanted household items and gave a lot of barely used / brand new makeup to friends.

And then, a few days ago, I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed…

Share The Dignity #itsinthebag

Share The Dignity #ItsInTheBag is such a great campaign for women out there who put the needs of others before their own.

I realised how lucky I am to be a hoarder / bargain bulk buyer / owner of nice things…

Immediately, I found 5 unused handbags and filled them up with lots of goodies I had around the house, wrote a little note and dropped them off the next day at my nearest collection point.

share the dignity

{ That’s my Mama in the photo.  She arrived on Monday all the way from Scotland to help me with bubba #2.  She helped me drop off the bags.  Haha, isn’t she cute? }

I’m hoping to get some more bags ready before the cut-off date which is 3rd of December.

BTW I’m not writing this post to boast about what I have done; but to share the cause and hopefully get more people involved.

For more information on collection points, click here.

I Can Still See My Toes

Every pregnancy is different.

This time round nearing the end of my 3rd trimester, I can still see my toes!!!

shellac pedicure with naturalizer whimsy sandals

Hence the need for a pretty pedi.

I’m a big fan of shellac pedicures because they last for ages, there’s no chipping and it’s pretty reasonable in terms of cost depending where you go.

This turquoise green Express Pedicure was done at Organique Wellness and Beauty Bar in Pran Central for $35.  Well, it was actually $35.35 because there was a 1% card surcharge.

The first thing Bunty said to me when she got home that day was – “NEW COLOUR MUMMY!!!  I WANT!!!”

Seriously, toddlers notice E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!

naturalizer whimsy sandals

As for the gorgeous gold snake print sandals adorning my feet, they are courtesy of Naturalizer from the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch Event I attended a couple of weeks ago.

Comfy yet stylish.  Perfect for this busy mama who is planning to drop a sprog very, very soon!

All I need is less rain and more sunshine so I can show off my pretty feet!!!  D’you hear me Melbourne??!!!

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