Monthly Goals : January 2017 & Recap of December 2016

Happy 2017 you guys!

Time flies when you’re having fun…especially Christmas holidays!!!

My sister Yvonne, who is based in Hong Kong, came for a surprise one week visit at the end of November a few days before Dainty was born…

…so when there was a knock on the door at 9.30am on Thursday 22nd December, I did not expect to see her again!  SURPRISE!!!

It was a lovely surprise but it meant that my vague plans for the Christmas break went out of whack and I didn’t cross off as many goals for last month.

Anyway, whatevs.

Let’s see what goals I am hoping to tick off this month and what goals I achieved last month…

January 2017 Goals

1.  Do my tax return for 2015/16  { this is one thing I REALLY hate about being an adult…ugh! }

2.  Get Dainty’s passport sorted

3.  Indulge in some “me” time

4.  Get a haircut

5.  Get eyebrows and the ‘tache threaded

6.  Do my online stuff – reply emails, blog, blah blah

7.  Start doing light exercises

8.  Start reading a book

9.  Bake a chiffon cake

10.  Write down Dainty’s birth story { before mummy brain takes over and I forgettttt! }

Dainty is already 5 weeks old now!  Where has time gone?!!!!

Recap of December 2016 Goals

1.  Take it easy on myself and stop comparing myself to other mothers with newborns who seem to be able to do it all

DONE!  Every time I feel under pressure, I remind myself that it’s not a competition.  

2.  Sleep whenever I can

Welllllll…kinda failed at that because Mum, sis and I stayed up till 1am onwards every night to play mahjong and watch CSI Miami.  Pure exhaustion especially when I have to nurse a newborn who feeds every 2-3 hours, but pure and utter fun!

3.  Read a book

Hahahaha…NO WAY!

4.  Learn to make bread

Again, NO WAY!!!

5.  Go on a toddler and baby free date with the hubs

YES!  Thanks mum for babysitting!  We had our first kid-free date when Dainty was 5 days old…we went to eat burgers and chips!  So good to be able to eat carbs again after my gestational diabetes diet.

6.  Start a monthly budget plan for 2017

Not yet unfortunately…

7.  Take my daily supplements DAILY – iron tablets, vitamin D, calcium, probiotics


8.  Spend more time offline than online

YES!!!  I definitely achieved that last month!

9.  Tick off any goals that were not achieved last month

Kinda done.  So I STILL haven’t found a nice scrapbook journal for Dainty…the hunt continues.  And I didn’t have any girls’ night OUT but we had plenty of girls’ night IN.

10.  Enjoy the Christmas holiday break with family and friends


How were your Christmas holidays?  What goals do you have for this year?

He Said, She Said : The One About 4 Different Perfumes

perfumes review

There are 10 days till Christmas!  Has the panic kicked in yet?  Have you bought all your Christmas shopping?  If not, are you thinking of buying perfume for anyone?  Or are you wanting a new perfume for Christmas?  If yes, then you might find this perfume review somewhat useful…

I was lucky enough to receive 4 different perfumes in the mail throughout the year, but it’s only been now that I have been able to handle perfumes as I was averse to a lot of scents earlier in the pregnancy.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to enlist the help of my husband to help me review these perfumes as everyone has different taste in scents…

Vera Wang Princess Revolution

vera wang princess revolution

They said :  This is for the confident, edgy and rebellious who has found the perfect balance of rock and romance.

He said :  Oh it’s Vera Wang – isn’t she a designer who makes wedding clothes?  { wedding dresses, duhhh! }  This is nice.  It’s not overpowering.

She said :  Look, you can wear the crown as a ring as well as the band ring!!  The bottle design is also funky and edgy; very appealing to young girls.  It smells like watermelon and very fresh.  I do like it a lot!

CK One Gold

ck one gold

They said : The new aroma for her and for him, coming out mid-2016, is a modern interpretation of the iconic fragrance conveying the message: “Be brave. Stand out from the crowd. Everything you touch exudes gold. ”

He said :  I liked the original CK One when I was younger…but this one is a maybe.  Maybe I would wear it?  Maybe not.

She said :  This is my favourite bottle design out of the 4.  Oh, it smells quite woody and sweet.  I think this would smell good on you.  Wear it!

Beyonce Heat Seduction

beyonce heat seduction perfume

They said :  A sensual, intoxicating and irresistible fragrance of exotic fruits, hypnotic flowers and carnal amber and resins.

He said :  Beyonce has a perfume?!  This smells…oh…I don’t like it.  It smells like…talcum powder.  It DOES smell like talcum powder.  Just no.

She said :  It smells like vanilla to me.  And I guess I won’t be wearing it if I want to turn on the heat and seduce you since you don’t like it at all!!

Chloe My Little Roses De Chloe

my little roses de chloe perfume

They said : Gentle and graceful, the fragrance tries to capture a walk down the Parisian rose gardens.

He said :  This smells like lychee!  This is my second favourite after Vera.

She said :  I LOVE THIS!!!  The bottle is super cuuuute!!!  It smells like roses, very feminine and classic – but not like a granny or overpoweringly floral.  This is my favourite.  I’m gonna wear this every day!!!

It was super fun doing this perfume review together and interesting to see how my husband reacted to different scents.

Have you tried any of these perfumes?  What do you think of them?  And what is your current fave scent?

Disclosure :  Thanks to Coty PR for sending these perfumes for review.

One Of The Simplest Foodie Pleasures In Life

…is bread and butter.

I have been indulging in carbs non-stop after giving birth because I am no longer on a strict low carb gestational diabetes diet!!!!

It HAS to be freshly baked bread and slightly salted butter.

I love Baker’s Delight white rolls which are slightly crusty, slightly chewy, slightly soft and very fresh.

I love Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter because that’s been my all-time fave butter since I was a little girl…but back then, it was the non-spreadable variety so I’d cut thick slabs of butter and have thick butter sandwiches haha.  I’m so glad Lurpak is now available in Australia because it makes me less homesick for British foods.

Now I just need Marks & Spencers food to be available in Australia…

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