There’s nothing like a new haircut and a new pair of kicks to make you feel like a new woman!

After contemplating for weeks on end, googling images of “the lob”, stalking #lobhaircut on Instagram and looking at Pinterest for long bob hair inspo, I went for the chop!

lob, asian hairstyle, long bob haircut

Couldn’t resist taking a selfie of my new hurrrrrr on the bus ride home from the city!

It’s early days but I feel fresher, lighter and bouncier.

I had more than 6 inches chopped off and it feels so much healthier!  But it still takes just as long to dry though!  #thickhairproblems

As for my new kicks…

Target Active Wear trainers

…I have been getting asked left, right and centre where I bought these because “they look SO comfortable!”

Tar-jay, my friends.

$35 and I’ll even throw in a link here.

They are comfy but without socks, my feet do get a tad sweaty…and not because I have been working out or anything!  I don’t think I would work out in these slip-on trainers because I think they would easily slip off.

But for normal everyday wear in the latter end of winter, it is an upgrade for my poor frozen little toes which were sick of me wearing flip flops { thongs! } day in, day out.

What’s new in your life?  And any tips on styling my lob??

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