You know what?

I am super duper glad that I started blogging about my monthly goals because it makes it more “real” and I have a great sense of achievement when I tick them off one by one.

Here are my December 2016 goals :-

1.  Take it easy on myself and stop comparing myself to other mothers with newborns who seem to be able to do it all

2.  Sleep whenever I can

3.  Read a book

4.  Learn to make bread

5.  Go on a toddler and baby free date with the hubs

6.  Start a monthly budget plan for 2017

7.  Take my daily supplements DAILY – iron tablets, vitamin D, calcium, probiotics

8.  Spend more time offline than online

9.  Tick off any goals that were not achieved last month

10.  Enjoy the Christmas holiday break with family and friends

Recap of November 2016 Goals

1.  Batch cook plenty of meals, label them and freeze them.

BIG TICK!  I’m so glad we invested in a chest freezer!  Not only do we have plenty of ready homecooked meals but there’s also plenty of ice cream too!

2.  Buy a scrapbook journal for Bub #2 and start writing in it ASAP before bubba arrives!  And don’t forget to update Bunty’s scrapbook journal too!

I’ve been looking and looking but not found a nice scrapbook journal…yet!!!  ARGHHH!!!

3.  Dig out all the newborn baby clothes which were carefully packed away a few years ago, select what is needed and wash and dry them.  Donate all the other unwanted items.

DONE!  And I actually learnt how to operate our washing machine with step by step instructions from the husband on the phone, LOL!

5.  Decide on a Bumpa Mat design and order it!

DOUBLE TICK because I ordered not one, but TWO Bumpa Mats!  But they’re taking foreverrrrrr to arrive *sad face*

6.  Sort out the Parental Leave Pay paperwork.

NOOOOOO!!!!  I hate paperwork…hence…this is why I haven’t done it yet still….arghhhh!!!!   My husband is a SUPERSTAR and he did all the paperwork for me YAY!

7.  Book a pampering session – get brows and moustache threaded, facial, foot massage, full body massage, manicure

SEMI-DONE!  Got treated to a facial courtesy of Ultraceuticals, hubs booked me a body massage, I treated myself to a pedicure and I gave myself a DIY mani.  Didn’t get any threading done because I haven’t been able to stroke my ‘tache yet so it’s not long enough to get it done.

8.  Trim fringe – Bunty’s and my own!

DONE and DONE!  I need a fringe to cover my forehead wrinkles ugh!!!!

9.  Pack hospital bag.

YUP!  And I think I packed everything but the kitchen sink!

10.  Bake this luscious lemon slice recipe.

FIRST THING THAT GOT DONE!!!  I finished work on my very last day at 2pm and I got home and immediately started baking this!  I cut it in half and then delivered it to my colleagues haha!  They were super impressed!  And the husband LOVED this!  Will be adding this to my recipe collection!

11.  Go on a toddler-free date with the husband.

TICK!  We had a lunch date at St Kilda’s where there was glorious sunshine that day…which hasn’t returned since #ihatemelbourneweather

12.  Send out invitations for Bunty’s 3rd birthday party { OMG, she is turning THREE! }

TICK!  She’s having it at Maccas!

13.  Pelvic floor exercises – DO THEM!

UMMM…I DID THEM…but not as often as I should have!

14.  Have a girls’ night out.

Sadly no.  But I did manage to meet up with a lot of friends who wanted to catch up with me before I popped my sprog.

15.  Buy / beg / borrow / steal a baby capsule!!!

YES!  Borrowed one thanks to my wonderful colleague!

16.  Get back into learning about photography and take more creative shots

Didn’t manage to do much learning…but I did take the camera out more often and used it instead of using my iPhone.

17.  Take lonnnnggggg showers daily

Oh yeaaahhhhh!!!!

18.  Introduce Bunty to a new hobby – gymnastics / musical instrument / crafting / something

We have started to do a lot more baking and I’ve started to teach her how to write her name.

19.  Successfully sell 3 things on Facebook Buy Sell Swap page

YAY!  Managed to sell 5 things lying around the house.

20.  Take photos and videos of the bump


Alrighty, so what are your goals for December?  What have you got planned for Christmas break?

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