OMG, it feels like forever since I updated this blog.  In fact, let me just check… yep, it’s been over 7 months… oops!  I still remember when I used to blog every day and when I didn’t update my beauty blog for one weekend, I would frantically worry about a drop in blog stats.  LOL *rolls my eyes*

So what has been happening in my life lately?

1.  My husband

Lately, I’ve been going through periods where I am really mad at him because he has annoyed me in some way or another.  But then, he’ll do something and I’ll be like, OMG I love this guy so much right now.

2.  Bunty, my almost 4 year old

Lately, she has been an absolute gem.  The crazy tantrum phases have disappeared and I think it’s probably due to the fact that she can express herself better these days.  We have almost-proper conversations and she occasionally reminisces with me about the events in the past year.

“Mama, remember when we were on a plane to Hong Kong and I vomited over Auntie Y’s hair?”

“Mama, remember when I had my birthday party at McDonald’s?”

She is also the most gorgeous overprotective big sister to her little sister who she fondly calls “Darling Girl”.  It is so wonderful to see them bond so well and I hope it stays like this forever!

3.  Dainty, my almost 1 year old

Lately, her strong, fearless and determined personality has been shining through.  She is a tiny 10-month-old at 7.5kgs but she loves climbing things and pulling herself to stand.  She falls over a lot but nothing seems to faze her.  She already knows how to get her own way and quickly pulls a face and pretend cries when she doesn’t.

She has 3 baby teeth right now and it really hurts when she bites me when I’m breastfeeding.  I will tell her off but then she will look at me with her innocent big eyes and all is forgiven.  She’s just gorgeous!

I also cannot believe she is turning one soon.

I said I wasn’t going to have any more kids after her, but she has been super amazing so I feel like I can handle having more children, haha.

4.  Work

Yes, my maternity leave ended a few weeks ago and initially, I was sad about it.  But actually, work has been great.  I love my job and I love the people I work with.  And thanks to the help of some family members, juggling work with two kiddos has been easier than I expected.

But ask me again in a few months when I return to work full-time….that may be a different story…uh oh!

5.  Fitness (or lack of!)

Ugh.  I am so highly unfit.  I wanted to jump back on the fitness bandwagon by doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout but after doing 1 day of light pre-training, my PGP { pelvic girdle pain from pregnancy } returned and I had to hobble about with my walking stick again.

I better stick to low impact exercise for now…

6.  Diet

Did someone say dumplings and doughnuts?  I’ve been eating too many of them!

I need to start watching what I eat because I had diabetes in my last pregnancy so it means I have a 1 in 2 chance of getting it later in life – EEKS!!!!

My diet is definitely something I need to work on…

7.  Hobbies

Now that I am bored of binge-watching tv { yes, I am well and truly bored! }, I am in search of new hobbies and/or reigniting my passion for hobbies I used to enjoy.

I had a go at crafting and { badly } made a cuddly toy dog for Bunty.  She named it Milia, played with it for 5 minutes and then left it with the zillion other cuddly toys she has.

I bought a planner, coloured pens and stickers to try and be a planner-kinda-gal.  Did not get past the third day.

After umming and aahing for ages about whether to kill off all my blogs, I finally took the plunge to fork out more $$$ to keep two of my blogs up and running.  This one { obvs! } and my beauty blog.  I attended a couple of blogging events this week to get me back on the blogging bandwagon and yeah, after 13 years, blogging remains one of my favourite hobbies.

Fill me in with your goss.  What’s been happening in your life lately?

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