how to get old instagram name back

This is a bit of a geeky slash bloggie post for all those who permanently deleted their Instagram but want to get their old username back.

Previously this was NOT possible but I DID IT TONIGHT AND SO CAN YOU!

{ And if you’re a regular reader who isn’t interested in reading this post, before you click away, I’m now @LingOutLoud on social media so DO NOT BE ALARMED.  It is still me! }

So allow me to share my experience…

When I started this blog last year, I snapped up all my usernames @LingOutLoud on the social media outlets I use – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But I was already active on these social media outlets as @Xyling.

And I thought I could EASILY juggle 3 blogs/Youtube channels and 3 social media personas AS WELL AS be a full-time working mum and wife.  And have a social life.  HAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, please laugh with me.  I thought I was the Blogging Beyonce…!!!  Hahahaha!!! #thereisonlyonequeenBanditaintme

get old instagram name back

Anyway, everything escalated out of hand and I decided to delete all of my social media personas and just use one.

I started with Instagram and permanently deleted my @LingOutLoud account.  And I thought I would just convert @Xyling to @LingOutLoud for consistent branding { even though I was mainly posting beauty stuff on that account as I use it for my beauty blog }.


Instagram would not allow me to use my old username even though the account had been permanently deleted.

What I should have done was this – Change @LingOutLoud to another random username and then delete it.  This would free up that username for me to use.


And I stewed on it for days!!!!  I am OCD with bloggie stuff.

Anyway, fast forward a few months…to tonight…

But a voice in my head { it sounded like me so it was actually me…! } said I should try and change my @Xyling username to @LingOutLoud.  #iampsychic

It had never worked before.  I tried it MANY times beforehand.

But tonight it worked!!!

So I am guessing Instagram has changed its policy on using old usernames.


recover old username on instagram

If none of that made ANY sense to you, just follow these step-by-step instructions on how to get your old Instagram username back :-

1.  Go to your Instagram

2.  Tap on Edit Profile to edit your profile

3.  Delete your current username and type in your old username that you want back

4.  Tap Finished to save

5.  Follow me on IG @LingOutLoud   😀

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30 comments on “How To Get Your Old Instagram Name Back”

  1. Ugghhhh! I made the mistake of permanently deleting my desired username minutes ago. It was associated with an old personal email and I was hoping to make a new account under my business email. Now I am scrambling for answers on how to get it back. Worst feeling ever!

    They’re asking for proof of my business, but I don’t have the papers yet as I was planning to open & do the legal stuff next year. (I just “reserve” emails & social media handles in advance.)

    *internally kicking myself*

    • Hey, it’s me again. I got my permanently deleted username back sometime mid-January. After weekly hopeful attempts to reclaim it in the username field and being told it wasn’t available, one day it finally appeared in glorious green!

      I don’t know if that means you have to keep typing in your username to get it unblocked/unlocked/un-deleted, or if Instagram releases dormant usernames at the end/beginning of the year. Point is, keep trying and maybe you’ll get it back.

      Anyway, thanks for writing this article. It surely helped, Ling!

  2. I have three accounts on instagram: #1 #2 #3.
    I want to change the account name on #3 to #2.
    I also want to change the account name #2 to #1.
    #3 name will eventually be disabled or deleted.
    Do you have a suggestion for how to do this?

    • First, you will need to change the name of #3 to something random. This will free up the username for use. Next, change #2 to the username of #3 which you freed up already. Proceed to change #1 to #2 since #2 has already been replaced. Work backwards and use this step by step process. Finally, once you have all three accounts renamed, delete #3 as needed. That should do the trick.

  3. You are a life saver with this idea of changing the name you need to use to something else, and then deactivating. I waited a couple of minutes and then… Bingo! The name I wanted was available. Thank you for this!

  4. My problem is I forgot my password and my email that I add into it . Is not working …. So I need to get it back!
    But still can’t ….
    What do I do to get it back without completing any games ……

    • Im having problem in login for instagram account
      password i forgot..
      registered no. has been lost since the phone has been lost
      screwed up the entire thing of instagram

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