TWO years!!!

We’ve had you in our lives for 2 whole years and everyday has truly been a blessing.

Yeah, I know…so cheesy huh?!

People always say you are your Dad’s double – you both have that soft smooth skin, rosy cheeks and that chin!

But little do they know that you are in fact, my mini-me…

bunny is two

You are my baby beauty blogger because you love makeup!  You love powdering your face, applying lipstick and getting your toenails painted.  You love your Essie!!!

I also found you yesterday using my eyeliner!!  You gave yourself a monobrow!  LOL!!!

You love turning up the music to bop and dance like no-one’s watching ya.  I LOVE dancing too.  FYI, we are both daggy dancers!

I love how you’re becoming Miss Little Independent by doing things by yourself.  You learn things really quickly because I only have to show you once and you’ve already etched it into your memory.

That said, you become easily frustrated when you can’t do things your way.  We have to watch that fiery stubborn temper of yours.

We are really enjoying having those gobbledygook conversations with you.  You babble on and on – something that I like to do too!!

Your favourite food is ice cream.  And you hate vegetables except broccoli and sweetcorn.  You have a knack for finding our secret stash of junk food in our bedroom.  We can tell that you will love junk food just like your parents.

We’re not throwing a birthday party this year for you because we’re too lazy!  Besides, we’re already going to your mate’s birthday party so we’ll just take a picture of you and his cake so you’ll think that you did have a party LOL!!!

Anyway, the stars aligned and I had an unexpected day off work today { I twisted my damn neck! } and I ended up baking you a birthday cake.  { Ahem, I wasn’t actually planning to because LAZY! }  It’s a reduced sugar wholemeal chocolate and olive oil cake – you LOVED it.

Keep being awesome and I pray to God that it’ll be Terrific Twos and not Terrible Twos!

Love you lots like jelly tots,

Mama xxx

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