About to leave for work while Bunty is sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast…

Okay Bunty, see you later.  Bye.
Bye.  Kiss.

I go and kiss my cutie.

Okay, bye.
Bye.  Kiss.

I smile and go kiss her again then walk towards the door.

Bye bye.
Mama.  Kiss.

I smile and shake my head.

Oh Bunty!  

I run over and kiss her again and again.

You are such a cheeky girl, aren’t you?  { in a jokey voice obvs! }

Then she insists on getting down from her chair to go to the window so she can watch me drive off and wave bye till she can’t see my car anymore.

She doesn’t ask for another kiss because she’s positioned herself carefully from the window; waiting for me to pull out from the garage.

But I give her another kiss anyway.


Great, now she’s telling me to go already!

I reverse my car slowly and watch as my tiny tot waves.

I can see her mouth the word “Mama” over and over again.

She’s not crying because she knows Mama has to work and will be back later.

At the rate I’m going, I will most definitely be late for work…

But hey, my heart is melting!!!

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