If you’re anything like me, you need caffeine to enter your bloodstream before you can function like a normal human being.  EVERY MORNING.

{ And don’t forget the cheeky caffeine top ups during the day too! }

Once in a blue moon, the husband will go to our local coffee shop and get us both “proper” coffees for our morning caffeine.

But 99% of the time, I’m usually a tea-drinking gal because let’s be honest, instant coffee granules just don’t hit the spot.

jura f9 coffee machine

Well, that was until the Jura F9 Coffee Machine entered my life.

Well, our lives because we – me, the hubs and Bunty – all love it!

{ FYI, we were given an ex-demo machine in exchange for this review.  Thanks so much Jura! }

First of all, it looks gorgeous and hi tech – which gets major plus points from us.

We don’t have much counter space in our tiny kitchen area so we won’t tolerate eyesores.  { E.g. the ugly bright red toaster and matching kettle my Mum bought me yonks ago.  Still in their boxes…somewhere in never-to-be-seen-again storage land.  Sorry Ma! #thetruthhurts }

jura f9 coffee menu

The best thing ever about the Jura F9 was how EASY it is to use.  You just select the coffee you want, push the button and the machine does everything from grinding the coffee beans to foaming the milk.

jura f9 ristretto

In fact, you’ll probably spend more time wondering which coffee to pick because the coffee menu is vast; from espressos to lattes to macchiatoes to coffees I have never even heard of, e.g. ristretto.  Plus there are 8 aroma levels so you can choose your dosage of caffeine.

So, if you have any little kiddos, they can enjoy the benefits of the Jura F9 too…in the form of babycinos!  { Definitely avoid giving them caffeine unless you want them bouncing off the walls all night long! }

babycino jura f9

Bunty and I used to go out for coffee and babycinos on my day off.  Some cafes charge an extortionate fee for babycinos { essentially milk foam with some cocoa powder on top } and half the time, it ended up all over her clothes.


Nowadays, we can wear our PJs and sit in the garden with our freshly brewed Jura F9 drinks.

We’ve had this machine for a couple of months now and we have been nothing but impressed with it…

But…if you like your coffee “Asian hot” { I do! }, then warm up your cup or mug in the microwave beforehand because the coffee is brewed at the perfect coffee temperature which is just a tad lukewarm for me #iliketoburnmytongue

jura f9 coffee

I’ve not had to clean it once because my husband is all over it.  And that’s how I know he really values it, haha.

So the bad news is that it’s a pretty expensive coffee machine RRP $2490.  But totally justifiable if you spend a lot of money buying takeaway coffee.

With Christmas round the corner, pop this on your wishlist to Santa!

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