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Dyson DC29 Multi Floor Barrel Vacuum Cleaner VS Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick Cordless Vacuum

If you’re contemplating whether to buy a Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner or a Dyson cordless handstick vacuum, then this post was written just for you.

And for everyone else who doesn’t use Dyson, you suck! #imsopunny  No, I’m kidding but you should seriously consider trying one out because they are seriously awesome powerful vacuum cleaners!

dyson barrel vaccum vs dyson v6 handstick

When I was lil kiddo, the only chores I semi-enjoyed doing were cooking and vacuuming.  My Mum went through a lot of vaccum cleaners – Electrolux, Hoover, Henry, Dyson – and my favourite of the lot back then was the first Dyson on the market which was a yellow upright vacuum with NO vacuum bag!  So yeah, I’ve been a Dyson fan foreverrrr!

Okay, so let’s talk about the Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner that we have had for over 2 years.  It’s a Dyson DC29 Multi Floor Barrel Vaccum Cleaner RRP $599.

We decided to buy this when we found out we were going to become parents.

Newborn Baby + Tummy Time + Carpet + Dust + Crumbs + Crawling Bub + Paranoid First Time Parents => Time For An Upgraded Vacuum Cleaner = Dyson!!!

my husband loves dyson vaccums!

Look at the excitement on hubby’s face when he was unpacking our new “toy”!!!

TIP :  If you want your partner to do more housework, get them the latest housecleaning gadgets!

We love our Dyson DC29 for its insane sucking abilities.  When we used it for the first time, we were shocked at the amount of dust our old vacuum had missed and it totally reassured us that we made the right decision to splurge.

After giving birth to Bunty, my hair started to fall out in clumps.  Moulting, they call it.  Geez, Mr LOL was vacuuming up more hair than dust!

dyson turbine tangle free tool

Unfortunately, my long strands of hair kept getting tangled up in the standard attachment cleaner head that came with the DC29.  So we bought a Tangle Free Turbine Tool RRP $89 which resolved the tangle dilemma but I was a bit gutted that we had to spend extra money to get this benefit.

baby bunty and dyson vacuum cleaner

Haha, I found this old pic of Bunty when she was 8 months old whilst hubby was doing the vacuuming.  Clearly, she didn’t like the noises from the Dyson.

Fast forward to now…

Now that Bunty is a talking and walking toddler and no longer crawling on the floors, you would think it would mean less vacuuming.


There is MORE vacuuming because she leaves behind a massive trail of destruction wherever she goes!  Mostly food mess – biscuit crumbs, noodles, rice, etc.

dyson d29 barrel vacuum cleaner

Is it easy to haul out the Dyson DC59 barrel vacuum cleaner every time we need to do a clean up?  Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

Enter our new lifesaver – Dyson V6 Absolute handstick cordless vacuum* RRP $899.

Dyson V6 Absolute handstick cordless vacuum

Being less bulky without a cord and no socket to plug in has made a whole world of difference.  It means that we can easily do a quick cleanup.  And there’s no danger of her tripping over the cord.

The Dyson V6 Absolute comes with a docking station to charge and store but we leave it leaning on one of the corners of the living room so that it’s ready whenever Bunty makes a mess { which is like 10 times a day! }.

And remember the tangled hair dilemma I had with our Dyson DC29?  Well, it’s not a problem with the Dyson V6 Absolute because it comes with a tangle free attachment.

Dyson V6 Absolute handstick cordless vacuum

I’ve barely had a go because my husband has been hogging the Dyson V6 Absolute!!!  He LOVES it!  Especially that it can convert to a handheld vacuum for cleaning inside his pride and joy – his car!

The only negatives I can think of with the Dyson V6 Absolute is that there is only 20 minutes of battery life before it needs more juice.  It’s not a dealbreaker for us because we live in a small house.  Plus we mainly use it for quick cleanups which doesn’t last longer than 2-3 minutes and also, cleaning the interiors of our cars.

Dyson V6 Absolute handstick cordless vacuum

Also, because the dust container is much smaller, it needs to be emptied more often since it will fill up much quicker.  But this is a less messy affair compared to emptying out a barrel vacuum.

If we had to start all over again and pick between a Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner or a Dyson cordless handstick vacuum, then we would actually go for the handstick.  It is just as powerful but takes up less storage space and is more versatile because of its portability.  That said, if we lived in a bigger house, then we may benefit with a Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner…

What vacuum cleaner do you have?  Does your hubby do most of the housework like mine does?
Disclosure :  This is a non-sponsored post.  The Dyson V6 Absolute was provided for review purposes but all opinions are purely our own.  Thanks Dyson!


5 Of My Favourite Flat Lay Instagrammers

Flat lay photography is the current trend! Follow these Instagrammers to get inspired to create your own flat lays

If you have a thing for flat lay photography, then ‘Hello, we’re twinning!” and you should totally check out and follow 5 of my favourite flat lay Instagrammers because they do #kickassflatlays.


gorgeous fruit flat lay by Instagrammer @rawveganblonde. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

@rawveganblonde – real name Amber – makes cuttings of fresh fruit and veggies look SUPER sexy!

All her flat lays are colourful pieces of art that always gets my finger double tapping in no time.

Follow @rawveganblonde


gorgeous flat lay by Instagrammer @kisforkani. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

@kisforkani is infamous for her fashion blogging so there are lots of fashion photos on her Instagram.  But now and again, she will post up awesome and colourful flat lay photos of clothes { perfectly folded, of course } / food / shoes / stationery / homewares / makeup etc.

Follow @kisforkani


gorgeous furry cat flat lay by Instagrammer @mrpaddingtonbear. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Cindy Chen is behind this Instagram and she’s a professional stylist and photographer so her Instagram feed is to die for.

Her flat lays – food, clothes, accessories – are all immaculate but I love the ones of her cat – who I believe is called @mrpaddingtonbear…??

gorgeous furry cat flat lay by Instagrammer @mrpaddingtonbear. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Yes, I repeat, you can flat lay a cat!

Follow @mrpaddingtonbear

2018 update!!!  So unfortunately, the last 2 flat lay Instagrammers have now deleted their accounts and you can no longer follow them…  Boohoo!!!


awesome beauty flat lay by Instagrammer @beautyandthewildthings. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

Gorgeous and sophisticated beauty product styling can be found on @beautyandthewildthings.

Usually a beauty product is captured with perfectly arranged flowers and leaves.  It’s something I want to try and aspire to do for my beauty blog photos.

Follow @beautyandthewildthings


gorgeous pink flat lay by Instagrammer @vije79. Check out more flat lay inspo on for #kickassflatlays

If your favourite colour is pink, then you will adore @vije79 Instagram account.  Pink flowers, pink makeup, pink nail polish, pink handbags, pink errthang!

She has over 21.5K Instagram followers who must all love girly and cute things like me 🙂

Follow @vije79

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Let me know in the comments about your favourite flat lay Instagrammers and I’ll go and stalk them 🙂

5 Things I Have Learned From 5 Months Of Blogging

Well, my little blog here is over 5 months old now!  Yay!

5 things I have learned from 5 months of blogging

Here are 5 things I have learned from blogging here :-

This Is Our Most Popular Post

Thankfully, I don’t just write dodgy TMI posts because it turns out that my post on how to take flat lay photos is the most read post.  Yay!

A follow-up flat lay post and more useful photography tips is on my to-blog list.

People Want To Know About My Husband’s Penis

One of the most popular search terms to land on my blog is “my husband’s penis”.

I get plenty of hits from that but there are also, more variations.

There’s –  “my husband’s penis is floppy” – I’m sorry to hear that, by the way!

There’s also – “penis comment my husband hates me” and “penis throwback”.

They are probably bitterly disappointed when they realise that my post on my husband’s penis does not solve their penis problem whatsoever!

Paying For Blog Sidebar Ads Are Almost Pointless

So I paid $15 US for a tiny 100×100 ad on one of my favourite lifestyle blogs – The Freckled Fox – who gets over 24K hits a day.

It was supposed to run for one month but I somehow got 3 months – YAY!

Unfortunately, I only got 114 referral clickthrough hits in total and I don’t think I got new blog subscribers through that way.

But it was an inexpensive experiment and I don’t mind supporting a fellow blogger.

Blogging From The Heart Rocks!

I’ve been blogging since 2004, engaging with brands since 2010, attending blogging conferences since 2011 – so you could say that I know a thing or two about blogging.

However, even though I’ve been blogging for so long and started umpteen blogs { only 4 dotcom blogs }, I have NEVER made it.

Basically, I have tried but failed at blogging full-time.

That said, it is pretty hard to make it as a pro beauty blogger because brands like to use “exposure” and “free product” as payment.

But I’m okay with that.

And that’s one of the reasons why I started this blog, Ling Out Loud.

I have a reignited love for blogging freely without boundaries.

At the moment, I can blog whatever I want, whenever I want.

I’m trying to narrow down the number of topics I blog about to see what I am most passionate about but there’s just so many things!  So I’ll just go with the flow for now.

I’ve been working with some lifestyle brands but I’ve also turned down a few offers because it didn’t suit.

I’m just having lots of fun and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Do you blog?  What’s your blogging journey like?

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