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How To Get Your Old Instagram Name Back

how to get old instagram name back

This is a bit of a geeky slash bloggie post for all those who permanently deleted their Instagram but want to get their old username back.

Previously this was NOT possible but I DID IT TONIGHT AND SO CAN YOU!

{ And if you’re a regular reader who isn’t interested in reading this post, before you click away, I’m now @LingOutLoud on social media so DO NOT BE ALARMED.  It is still me! }

So allow me to share my experience…


Coffee Machine Review : Jura F9

If you’re anything like me, you need caffeine to enter your bloodstream before you can function like a normal human being.  EVERY MORNING.

{ And don’t forget the cheeky caffeine top ups during the day too! }

Once in a blue moon, the husband will go to our local coffee shop and get us both “proper” coffees for our morning caffeine.

But 99% of the time, I’m usually a tea-drinking gal because let’s be honest, instant coffee granules just don’t hit the spot.

jura f9 coffee machine

Well, that was until the Jura F9 Coffee Machine entered my life.

Well, our lives because we – me, the hubs and Bunty – all love it!


An Official Announcement

I have an official announcement to make…

No, I’m not pregnant again!  Calm yer beans Ma!

I’ve been kinda MIA on social media recently as I’ve been busy embarking on a new exciting project…

I’m an eBay Tech Tester!!!!

ebay tech testers 2015

Along with these 4 other awesome peeps.


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