Motherhood Moments

28 Weeks Later

ling out loud pregnancy announcement

28 weeks today and entering my third trimester!!! #notafoodbaby

I’ve been trying to keep this pregnancy a secret on social media { except for the odd Snapchat snippet } so a lot of my friends don’t even know I am pregnant.

It’s a good thing really because I have spared them all from my whingeing { I have severe pelvic girdle pain and I can barely walk some days! } and my TMI stories about vomiting 8 times a day { thankfully this stopped at week 20 }.

Anyway, we are over the moon and so thankful for this ‘coming-soon’ addition to our little fambam.  Exciting times, dirty nappies and sleepless nights await us!  And the newborn snugglessssssssss…!!!!

P.S.  In case you are wondering, Bunty has super red lips in the photo because she just finished drinking beetroot juice and not because she’s wearing my red lipstick haha.

Dear Bunty : Happy 2nd Birthday!

TWO years!!!

We’ve had you in our lives for 2 whole years and everyday has truly been a blessing.

Yeah, I know…so cheesy huh?!

People always say you are your Dad’s double – you both have that soft smooth skin, rosy cheeks and that chin!

But little do they know that you are in fact, my mini-me…

bunny is two

You are my baby beauty blogger because you love makeup!  You love powdering your face, applying lipstick and getting your toenails painted.  You love your Essie!!!

I also found you yesterday using my eyeliner!!  You gave yourself a monobrow!  LOL!!!

You love turning up the music to bop and dance like no-one’s watching ya.  I LOVE dancing too.  FYI, we are both daggy dancers!

I love how you’re becoming Miss Little Independent by doing things by yourself.  You learn things really quickly because I only have to show you once and you’ve already etched it into your memory.

That said, you become easily frustrated when you can’t do things your way.  We have to watch that fiery stubborn temper of yours.

We are really enjoying having those gobbledygook conversations with you.  You babble on and on – something that I like to do too!!

Your favourite food is ice cream.  And you hate vegetables except broccoli and sweetcorn.  You have a knack for finding our secret stash of junk food in our bedroom.  We can tell that you will love junk food just like your parents.

We’re not throwing a birthday party this year for you because we’re too lazy!  Besides, we’re already going to your mate’s birthday party so we’ll just take a picture of you and his cake so you’ll think that you did have a party LOL!!!

Anyway, the stars aligned and I had an unexpected day off work today { I twisted my damn neck! } and I ended up baking you a birthday cake.  { Ahem, I wasn’t actually planning to because LAZY! }  It’s a reduced sugar wholemeal chocolate and olive oil cake – you LOVED it.

Keep being awesome and I pray to God that it’ll be Terrific Twos and not Terrible Twos!

Love you lots like jelly tots,

Mama xxx

Conversations with Bunty at 22 Months


About to leave for work while Bunty is sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast…

Okay Bunty, see you later.  Bye.
Bye.  Kiss.

I go and kiss my cutie.

Okay, bye.
Bye.  Kiss.

I smile and go kiss her again then walk towards the door.

Bye bye.
Mama.  Kiss.

I smile and shake my head.

Oh Bunty!  

I run over and kiss her again and again.

You are such a cheeky girl, aren’t you?  { in a jokey voice obvs! }

Then she insists on getting down from her chair to go to the window so she can watch me drive off and wave bye till she can’t see my car anymore.

She doesn’t ask for another kiss because she’s positioned herself carefully from the window; waiting for me to pull out from the garage.

But I give her another kiss anyway.


Great, now she’s telling me to go already!

I reverse my car slowly and watch as my tiny tot waves.

I can see her mouth the word “Mama” over and over again.

She’s not crying because she knows Mama has to work and will be back later.

At the rate I’m going, I will most definitely be late for work…

But hey, my heart is melting!!!

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