Motherhood Moments

A Walk To The Park To Remember

So this happened…

It had been dark, cold and lazy winter days for too long in Melbourne so when there was that one sunny day a few weeks ago, I peeled my lazy ass off the couch and spontaneously decided to take the kids to our local park…

…without driving there.

As in, walking there pushing the baby in the pram and preschooler in the skateboard.

“Are you sure you don’t want to drive there?” – asked my husband.  He didn’t join us as he was busy with some home DIY project.

“Yes, I can do this!  Pfft, it’s only up the road!” – said I, with steely determination in my voice.

I quickly buckled the kids up and headed off…before I could change my mind

15 minutes later, we reached the park.

There was a toddler there on the swings with her dad.

My 3yo hopped off her skateboard and ran towards the slide, giggling along the way.

I was severely slightly out of breath but I was beaming with pride at myself because I did it!  I walked to the park!!!!

Obviously, I made sure to take plenty of photos and videos on my phone because if it’s not on social media, did it really happen?!

“Baby!  That’s a baby!” yelled the toddler as she pointed to my 9 month old.  Her father and I exchanged a friendly parent-to-parent nod and smile.

For 5 minutes, everything was going exceedingly well.

The sun was shining, I was on a swing holding onto my koala baby while my 3yo was running up the stairs and going down the slide and it just felt so good to be alive…

…until my 3yo piped up, “Mum, I need the toilet!  NOW!”

I was calm and collected.  I can handle this.  No biggie, I thought to myself.

I plonked the baby onto the pram, grabbed my 3yo’s hand and headed to the nearest tree.

I squatted and held onto my 3yo’s legs and helped her squat for her to pee.

“Are you finished peeing yet?”
“Yes.  But I need to poo now.”
“Whaaa… okay, quickly, come on!”

I quickly glanced around to see if anybody was watching.

Oh great, the toddler was pointing her finger at us.  I gave the dad a weak smile…

“I’m finished mum!”
“Okay, wait here while I get some tissue…”

I ran back to the pram, peered into the basket and found two tissues…which were probably used to wipe a snotty nose or two…oops!

TMI but usually my 3yo does poos where there’s nothing left behind and one quick wipe is enough.

Unfortunately, today was not one of those days. 

I quickly realised that this wet sloppy pile of poo was not a two tissue affair.

And I also realised that I had nothing, NOTHING!!! packed in the pram basket.  No nappies, no baby wipes, no food wrapper that could be used as an emergency tissue or poo bag….NOTHING!!!

I had to call for emergency back up.

The five minutes it took for my husband to drive to the park felt like FOREVER.

We stood next to the tree, guarding the hot steaming pile of stinky poo.  My 3yo was embarrassed and didn’t want to talk.  My 9mo was getting antsy sitting in the pram.  And I was avoiding the toddler and her dad who were extremely curious at what we were doing.

My husband pulled up the car and strolled towards us with a big massive grin on his face; one hand carrying toilet roll and the other hand carrying a plastic bag.

“Do I HAVE to pick up the poo?  Why can’t I just sprinkle some twigs and leaves on top of it?”
“It is not singular.  Think plural.  Have you seen the pile of poo??!!”
“Oh my gosh!!”

All parents will nod their head and agree when I say that it is amazing how much and how often a little mini person can poo.

Feeling left out, the little one decided to do a big massive poo in her nappy while we were doing the clean-up!!!

But it somehow broke the ice because after I wiped her bum, my 3yo started singing, “I poo-poo-ed and then little sister poo-poo-ed too!  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We poo-poo together!!”

We now call our local park, The Poo Poo Park!

Breastfeeding Is A Pain When…

…your milk hasn’t come through yet and your boobs become engorged

…your baby does not latch on properly

…your baby does not latch on properly AND does not let your finger break the latch

…your nipples become sore, cracked and bleeding because of all of the above


…you get nipple thrush which feels like you have broken glass inside your boobs which takes weeks to clear up

…you have to get up multiple times in the middle of the night to use the breast pump because your baby decides to sleep through the night but your boobs didn’t get the memo

…you get mastitis

…your baby releases your nipple when the let-down reflex happens so your breastmilk squirts everywhere and into your eye even though you wear glasses

…you’re out in public but you’ve forgotten to put on breast pads so you’ve now got wet patches around the boob area.  SO ATTRACTIVE!

…you’ve spent too much time looking down admiring your baby’s squishy face and tiny fingers and then you look up and just like that – you’ve put your neck, shoulders and back out!

…you’ve just breastfed your baby, passed your baby to your partner to wind her, but he returns within 5 minutes because she’s crying so she’s “hungry again”.  NO SHE ISN’T!

…Netflix asks if you are “still watching” but the remote control is not within reach but you can’t move because breastfeeding.  Dear Netflix, the answer is YES.  Always!

…the baby is cluster feeding so you feel that your boobs have been sucked high and dry and there’s definitely no milk left and your boobs looks extremely sad and deflated

…you cannot be physically separated from your baby because they can only feed from your boob AKA “The Breastaurant” and not from expressed breastmilk in a bottle

…you accidentally feed from the same boob as the previous feed and you’re feeling rather lopsided

…your baby treats your nipple as a teething toy

…you can’t find any nice-looking nursing tops to buy

…you finally find something decent to wear but your baby decides to vomit all over you whilst feeding

Breastfeeding definitely has its challenges { and I know some mums have it even worse! }

That said, I am grateful that I have been able to breastfeed again { here are some of my personal tips on breastfeeding }

However, this time round, I have been able to enjoy it more.

I think it definitely helped when little Dainty did the breast crawl and made her own way to my nipple and fed when she was newly born.

With Bunty, I lost consciousness from blood loss and the midwife had to use a syringe to feed her.  FYI, as helpful as they are, it was not pleasant when the midwife { i.e. a stranger } hand expressed milk from my boob!

Another great help was this Lansinoh gift pack { you can win this!!  READ ON! } that I received from a Kids Business event I attended last year before giving birth.

{ Disclosure :  This is NOT a sponsored post.  Just a shout out to a brand that I really love! }

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin :  Helped heal up cracked and sore nipples as well as being a fantastic lip balm

Lansinoh Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads :  Love these for absorbing up milk leakage

Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy :  It can be used as a heat / cold pack for your boobs but I have mainly used it as a heat pack.  Helped with engorgement and mastitis, as well as helping ease sore neck and back muscles

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags :  Great for storing breastmilk for deep freezing

And thanks to Lansinoh, they have offered a gift pack containing all of the above for one of my blog readers.  As I am paying for the postage costs, I’m only opening this giveaway to Australian residents.  All you have to do is fill in the form below with your details – I promise I will never spam you! – and I will randomly pick a winner.  Giveaway ends at 23:59 on 24th March 2017.  Feel free to share this post too!  Good luck!



Dear Dainty : Welcome To The Fam

Dear Dainty,

You’re here!  You’re here!!!

We’ve been so excited.  We’ve wanted to have you for a long time { since your big sister, Bunty, was 9 months old } and we’ve prayed for you and when we finally found out we were DEFINITELY going to have you { via CVS genetic testing }, we were overjoyed.

Welcome to the fam!

Welcome to the alpha thalaessamia trait fam where we – me, your dad, your big sis and you – all have two abnormal alpha global genes on the same chromosome!  I’ll explain it to you when you’re older but basically, do not follow in my footsteps and marry someone with the same blood genetic disorder otherwise you’ll be in for a lot of heartbreak.

Anyway, you arrived in a different way to your big sister and I must write down all the details before my mummy brain takes over and I forget.

I have described you as ‘little but loud’.  However, you’re not exactly little weighing in at 3.73kg but you’re a little little-r  than your big sister who was 0.1kg heavier { but in all fairness, she baked 9 days longer than you… }

We can already see a lovely sister bond forming between you two.  Every time your big sister comes home, she rushes to see you and she says “Big sister is home now” and kisses you.  It is simply gorgeous.

That said, she said you were smelly yesterday when she kissed you!!  But that’s because you had some dried spit up in the corner of your little pouty mouth haha.

You’re 8 days old today so you’re still sleeping most of the time and I am going to enjoy as many newborn baby snuggles on the couch as I can.

We love you loads and can’t wait to have more precious daily moments with you.  Thank you for joining our fam.

Love your Mama x

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