pregnancy weight loss of 25kg, pregnancy weight loss experience

I definitely piled on the weight during my pregnancy.  When the all-day sickness ceased around week 16, I was so elated that I ATE ERRTHING!!

25kg is 55lb.

25kg is 4 stones.

25kg is 5kg more than the usual 20kg luggage allowance on economy flights.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that 25kg is a LOT of pregnancy weight gain for a shorty like me (I’m 152 cm).  {  The maximum pregnancy weight gain according to the guidelines for me is 66kg and I was 10kg over…OOPSIE!!! }

39 weeks bump

Luckily for me, I managed to shed all my pregnancy weight.

Since, it took me 40 weeks to gain 25kg… my aim was always to lose 25kg in 40 weeks and not 4 hours like Miranda Kerr { yes, there is a hint of jealousy there! 😛 }

Here’s my story on how I went from 76kg down to 51kg in 40 weeks:-

WEEK 0-1 = 68kg
Giving birth itself.
 Bunty weighed nearly 4kg.  Then there was the placenta, severe blood loss { I suffered from secondary post-partum haemorrhage and refused a blood transfusion even though it was strongly recommended – will save that for another story } and amniotic fluid.  That said, I still looked like a bloated whale after giving birth though.  { read birth story here }

pregnancy weight loss journey

WEEK 2-4 = 65kg
Breastfeeding.  Although I wasn’t keen on breastfeeding initially { another story for another day }, I am so grateful that I could because it was the biggest contributing factor to my weight loss.  I was HUNGRY ALL THE TIME but even though I ate all my usual junk food, I didn’t gain more weight and instead, lost weight steadily.  I also wore tummy control pants { Mr LOL bought me a pack of 2 size 12-14 from Kmart which were cheap and done the job } for 6 weeks post-birth as advised by my physiotherapist.

WEEK 5-8 = 60kg
Skipped a couple of meals and had to hold baby all day long.  I’m one of those “Oh my gosh, she’s crying, MUST.PICK.BABY.UP.IMMEDIATELY!!!” mothers.  Don’t really recommend this because I was a HANGRY bitch by the time Mr LOL came home from work.  We ate a lot of takeaway for dinner during this period, but like I said, breastfeeding burned my calories.  Meanwhile, Mr LOL started to look more pregnant than me!

{ Sidenote :  In retrospect, I wish I had planned ahead and had ready-made meals and snacks within reach.  Must remember this if we are blessed with another baby.  }

{ Sidenote #2 :  I wish I had bloody cleaned my dirty mirror!  Apologies for these shoddy photos!!! }

{ Sidenote #3 :  You’re about to see me in my undies!  And I’ve noticed that I love wearing stripes!!!}

post partum belly, pregnancy weight loss

WEEK 9-10 = 59.5kg
{ TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 16.5kg }
Stress.  Mr LOL lost his job.  He was calm and collected whereas I went into Flappy Bird mode stressing about the future.  Usually I eat my stress away, but we stopped eating out and buying unnecessary junk food to save money.

pregnancy weight loss week 12

WEEK 11-12 = 59.5kg
{ TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 16.5kg }
No change.

WEEK 13-19 = 61kg
Holiday weight gain!  I put on weight because we went abroad to visit my family in Hong Kong and Scotland.  I had to eat all my favourite fatty foods in Scotland plus my parents’ delicious homecooking too!!  YUM YUM YUM!!!

pregnancy weight loss journey

WEEK 20-24 = 58kg
Healthy eating regime.  With Mr LOL still jobless, we decided to eat healthier together.  For example, we ate overnight oats, drank fruit smoothies, had vegetarian meals and stopped adding salt into our meals.

WEEK 25-30 = 55kg
Introducing daily exercise in the form of neighbourhood walks pushing the pram.  All the clothes I bought in Hong Kong and Scotland did NOT fit me anymore.  I was happy but sad at the same time.

Mamas and Papas pram stroller

Interrupting this post with a Bunty photo.  How cute is Bunty in her cow outfit?  Yep, that’s one of those flight sticker thingies on the side of her pram.  I’m too lazy to remove it.  And also, every baby has that Lamaze owl!!!

WEEK 30-39 = 54kg
My weight loss plateaued { probably because I was breastfeeding less since Bunty was eating more solids } and I was stuck at 54kg for aaaages.  I also started part-time work and at the same time, Mr LOL got a job which meant we started to introduce takeaway foods back into our diets!  NOT GOOD!  But tastes SO GOOD!  LOL.

Week 40 = 51kg
Gastroenteritis.  Both ends.  For four miserable days, I could not keep food or drink down…or in!  That said, I was super delighted that it managed to shift the last of my pesky post-preggie weight.  And it has stayed off since!  YAY!!

pregnancy weight loss

Now that I have gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight, you would naturally assume that I would be able to fit into all my old clothes.

Au contraire, my friends!

I still have a pouch / paunch / big jelly belleh which jiggles.  If I eat anything, it bloats up and I immediately look 5 months pregnant again.  Hello Food Baby!!!  Do I really have to do cardio to get rid of this excessive muffin top??

Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this preggie pouch?  And do you have a weight loss journey you want to share?  Feel free to leave your comments.