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3 Interesting Weight Loss Tips I Learnt From Reading Health & Fitness Magazines

I am lucky to have one hour lunch breaks at work on most days.

The Fitness Yogi Angel on my right shoulder says – “Go for a walk before you eat!”

The Lazy Fat Ass on my left shoulder says – “Just sit down and eat!”

No surprises on who wins!!!

Anyway, whilst eating lunch, I’ve been reading a lot of health and fitness magazines; in hope that it will make me healthier and fitter by osmosis!!!  { Haha, I wish!!! }
weight loss tips


These mags are full of weight loss tips and here’s 3 interesting ones that I read { and my thoughts on them } :-

Go to sleep.

Losing two hours of sleep a night slows down the body’s metabolism which makes it easier to gain weight.

{ But Netflix TV marathons are my life!!!  The autoplay next episode is genius!!! }

Don’t use the word DIET.

The D word may cause you to feel distressed about your weight and appearance, but won’t help you make healthier food choices in the long run.

{ I just have to see the M sign and I’m thinking of super-sizing my Maccas order.  Drive Thru because lazy! }

Tap it.

Tap your forehead and ear with your index finger for 30 seconds and it will curb your cravings.

{ Does tapping your iPhone count??!!! }

I foresee a long and arduous journey into a healthier and fitter me…sighzzzz!!!!

P.S.  I bet you’re tapping your forehead and ear to see if it really works!!!!  I just tried it too…but I still want CHOCOLATE!!!!

5 Instagrammers To Follow For Fitspiration

So my “faking fit” cover of wearing active wear has been blown by this video.  Sighs.

I really need to kick my fat arse into gear and get fit for Summer so I’ve been looking to Instagram for #fitspiration.

Here are 5 of my favourite fitspiration Instagrammers :-

fitspiration foamrollfanatic

Those abs!  That hair!  Man, she is my fitness and hair goals!

Stalk her @foamrollfanatic.  You’re welcome!

yoga fitspiration

Dayummm girl!!!  Bianca’s figure is to die for and she’s so damn pretty too!  Plus she has a twin and I so wanted to have a twin sister when I was younger because of Sweet Valley High, haha!

Check her out @biancamaycheah

you did not wake up today to be mediocre

I totally believe that if I still lived in Sydney, Adeline and I would be gym buddies because we went to the same gym { it was called V Club when I joined but it’s now known as Hard Candy Fitness }.  Plus I already know this amazing chick from beauty blogging 🙂

Follow @eatthisburnthat for fitness motivational words of wisdom and awesome healthy recipes.

pregnancy fitspiration

Strictly speaking, Emily’s IG feed isn’t just fitspo.  She posts about her life, beauty, homewares, etc.  But she is FIT!  This is her in her 9th month of pregnancy with her 5th baby!  Like WTF?  I looked like 2 bloated whales when I was preggo!  She has 5 kiddies and she can find time to get fit.  What is my excuse???!!

Have a look at @thefreckledfox for lifestyle inspo.

kayla itsines

Sheesh, as if this babe needs any introduction?!!!  Who hasn’t heard of Kayla?!!!

Of course you’re already following her on IG, but just in case you’re not; it’s @kayla_itsines, duh!

So, I have Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide 1.0…and I’ve read through it all…but I just need a BIG push so I can start getting fitter before I can actually start doing her workouts…*gulps*  Has anyone done it?  Advice please??

I’m sick of faking fit and I am determined to get fit!!  I can do this!  😀

Faking Fit

Something happened to me when I turned the grand old age of 35 a couple of weeks ago…

My fear of wearing activewear { i.e. gym gear } as normal everyday wear dissipated.

chavs or neds

My fear stems from having to grow up around certain groups of people, i.e. neds (= non educated delinquents = Glasgow’s finest *ahem* ) who are similar to chavs – who wear casual sports clothes, mostly tracksuits and trainers, usually by renowned brands like Adidas, Reebok, Kappa, Lacoste and Burberry, all the time.  Like ALL THE TIME.  { image source }

Even when I used to be a gym bunny { yes, I used to hit the gym 5-7 days a week! }, I would be in and out of my gym clothes and trainers quickly.

But now, I have turned into one of those “gym gear wearing women”.

active wear by Cotton On Body and New Balance

Yep, this is me wearing sports leggings from Cotton On Body, my spanking new hot pink and black New Balance trainers with sports trainer socks from Target { and a sports vest top and hooded zippy plus a Fitbit Charge HR on my wrist to complete the look! }.

{ Side note :  YESSSS!  I haz a thigh gap!!!!! }

But no gym attendance was required!!!

In fact, we went out shopping { I want wireless headphone to really complete the look haha! } and had a spot of lunch.

So why am I wearing all this activewear”?

Well, it’s not for comfort.

Yes, gym gear is comfy but it’s not super comfy like pyjamas and big bad granny pants but you don’t seem me wearing them out in public.

But I am loving active wear as everyday wear because it gives people the impression that I am a gym bunny.

I’m basically faking fit!

Allow me to share the following scenarios…

Scenario 1
You’re out shopping and your hair is a mess and you don’t have a scrape of makeup on you so you look like a tired mess.  Of all the days you bump into someone you know.  But yay, you’re wearing gym gear.  That person will not even comment on how tired you look and remember why your hair is a mess because they think that you’ve just been to the gym and had a crazy energetic workout so duh, of course your hair will be messy and you won’t wear makeup to the gym because you’ll just sweat it off.

Scenario 2
You’re out eating greasy fish and chips and washing it down with sugary fizzy drink.  Your food belly bulges out and you suddenly let out a loud burp.  The people at the next table turn to look at you.  But yay, you’re wearing gym gear.  They will think that you’ve just been to the gym and you’re eating your cheat meal of the week.  Yes, you do have a flabby belly, but hey, at least you’re trying to get fit, right?

Scenario 3
You’ve got to take your toddler for a doctor’s appointment but you haven’t had time to shower because toddler.  You rock up at the doctor’s surgery with toddler on your hip and surprise, surprise, there’s a long wait as per usual.  You squish into the last available free seat with toddler on your lap.  And then you smell B.O.  Oh wait, it’s you because you didn’t shower and you forgot to put on deodorant because baby brain forever.  But yay, you’re wearing gym gear.  The other people in the waiting room will forgive you for your stench because you’re a busy mum with a young tot and it smells like you’ve just been to the gym to work off the post-pregnancy belly.

lululemon activewear

So yeah, let’s keep this ‘faking fit’ secret between us, eh?  😛

Oh and one more thing…

You know the yoga clothing brand, Lululemon?  Well, I was pronouncing it “loo-lool-mon” until my sister mentioned it was called “lulu-lemon”.

*hides face in shame*

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