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Snapshots Of Life // March 2016

It’s been nearly 6 months since I last blogged!!!  *insert shock-faced emoji*

Once upon a time, post-wedding and pre-baby, I did blog-related stuff all the time.

Anyway, it turns out that I have a life outside of the blogging world and I’m rewinding time back to March this year and sharing a few snapshots…


LISS  //  LISS stands for low intensity steady state cardio.  I had started doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout to get fit for the year and I was making sure that I documented every step { pun intended! } of my journey…otherwise it didn’t really happen, right?!  FYI – probably not the wisest move to do LISS in my footwear of choice *ahem*

YSL Rose Scabiosa 48

PEDICURE  //  My 2 yo has expensive taste in nail polish!  Out of the bajillions of nail polishes I own, she chose YSL La Laque Couture 48 Rose Scabiosa – and I hadn’t even used it on my nails yet!

Simply 7 Hummus Chips

SNACKS  //  I was sent a packet of Simply 7 Hummus Chips, ate it, liked it and bought more.  Seeing as I was trying to get fit, these seemed like a healthier option than normal potato chips.

brunch with Geek

BRUNCH  //  Online friendships are a wonderful thing and I am grateful that some online friendships translate to real-life friendships.  I am also grateful for brunch!!!

toddler at first dental visit

#WHATNOTTODOATTHEDENTIST  //  Bunty had her first dental check-up AKA ride in the dental chair…whilst eating a banana with legs akimbo!  As you do.

Womens Weekly Eat Clean with Superfoods Cookbook

EAT CLEAN  //  It was around mid-March when I decided to up the ante on my new fitness and health regime by stopping my daily junk food consumption and by adopting a clean-eating diet.  You know sh*t is getting real when you decide to flatlay your new “eat clean” cookbook.

Gucci Eau De Parfum II

SCENT  //  A lovely colleague gifted me a bottle of Gucci Eau De Parfum II after I mentioned that I used to wear it in my twenties.  Maybe she thinks I smell…??!!

There were plenty of other things that happened in March…  Like the day that I had a HUGE fight with my husband and I stormed out the house…but I’ll save that for another blog post for another day.

How was your March?  Can you remember that far back?  What’s been happening in your life lately?

P.S.  Now that I’ve ended my blogging break, my fingers are so itchy to blog more and more and more…so please stay tuned 😀


Snapshots Of Life // 2016 Part 1

beef bourguignon

SALTY  //  Made beef bourguignon today for our Valentines’ dinner.  I followed Chelsea Winter’s recipe without any meddling but it turned out a tad too salty for our tastebuds.  That said, we loved the richness and depth of flavours.  But next time I make it, I will make sure I tweak it Ling style 🙂

H&M ripped jeans

RIPPED  //  H&M jeans that I managed to squeeze into.  Total bargain at $5.  FIVE freaking dollars.  Why didn’t I buy another pair??


10 Blogs I Love To Read

It’s really hard to find a good blog to read these days because blogs are too commercialised / they just review ‘free shizz’ / their photos and/or writing are crap / “blogging is dead”

I love reading blogs.

It was my version of Netflix before…well, before Netflix came to Australia.

Nowadays, I Netflix and read blogs.

{ Occasionally I do the “chill” part too.  Hehe!  #TMI }

Anyway, since my lovely friend V – who has just started her fitness journey blog { A Better V } – asked for blog recommendations, I thought it would be a fab idea to list them all here so you can go find a good blog to read.

And holler at me with some recommendations too please.  I read everything except political blogs.


Here are 10 blogs I love to read, in no particular order :-

Toby Wigglebottom :  A blog about a dog and his human brother.  I am actually scared of dogs { and cats and basically all animals! } but we’re hoping to get one when Bunty is older so they can grow up together.

I Spy Plum Pie :  Met the lovely Liz at a blog event and her eco living tips inspires me to be more green.  In fact, I did some gardening this afternoon.  *shock horror faint*

Karen Cheng’s Fashion & Life :  I’ve been reading Karen’s blog before I started blogging!!!  She has a way of telling everyday stories which make her relatable and fun to read.  Plus she has a great wardrobe.  And she’s fit too.

For The Love Of Ava & God’s Glory :  I cried reading through this blog and I occasionally cry reading new updates.  Written by her mum, Ava is a little girl who had leukaemia and an organ transplant…and it’s kinda flaring up again.

The Mustard Jumper :  Natalie, a 30-something Melbournite, blogs about her thoughts and things she buys.  She buys a lot of things.  I buy a lot of things.

Fat Mum Slim :  Probably like the most famous Aussie blog so you’ve probably already got that on your reading list.  Nevertheless, it is one of my fave blogs to read because Chantelle has useful photography tips, funny stories and yummy recipes.

Olive Dragonfly Blog :  Written mainly by my ex-classmate Bex.  She doesn’t update as much these days because she has her hands full with gorgeous twins and work but she blogs about Pin It Do It challenges and her motherhood journey.  Her friend Roz also blogs occasionally about her Forever Home in Glasgow, my hometown, and she lives in like the most gorgeous building (built in 1800’s, Grade A) everrrrr!  Stalk here.

Crazy Days & Nights :  For all my celebrity goss.  And the reason why I stopped buying celebrity goss magazines who churn out the same crap over and over again.

Sydney Shop Girl :  I don’t even know SSG’s real name or what she looks like but I feel like I know her through her personal blog.  Does that sound creepy??  Anyway, lucky for me, we became Twitter friends!  She blogs about Sydney life with a toddler, now threenager.

The Freckled Fox :  Emily is 25 and a mother of 5 kids aged 5 and under.  She has beautiful red hair so she does a lot of hair tutorials – of which I shall never attempt.  But what I enjoy reading mostly is her daily life stories because come on, she’s 25 with 5 kids!!!  When I was 25, I…erm…can’t even remember because it was so long ago hahahaha!

FYI, I haven’t mentioned a lot of other blogs that I love too.  E.g. beauty / food / baking / photography / craft / blogging blogs.  But like I mentioned before, my blog reading list is longggggggggggg and I had to choose 10 only.

Well, I didn’t have to choose 10 only…but I am too lazy to blog any more than 10.  I have Monday-itis brewing!  It’s Sunday evening and I have Grey’s Anatomy waiting for me!!!

Happy blog reading!!!

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