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Thoughts Of The Week #1

thoughts of the week

1.  I really really really really WANT the Hourglass Surreal Light Palette but I have swatched it in store and it’s not really wearable shades for me so I simply cannot justify splashing $116 on something I will probably NEVER use.

2.  Instead I spent $30US and made my first ever Colourpop order.  YAY!  Can’t wait to show you my wee haul.

3.  Thursday was my last day of work.  I’m proud of myself for working this far along in my pregnancy { 35+ weeks } considering that I thought I’d have to go on early maternity leave because of my severe pelvic girdle pain / back pain / all-day sickness.  I’m definitely ready for some nesting and resting!

4.  We have officially chosen a name for the baby because when we ask Bunty what her little sibling’s name is, she knows.  Now I just need to get my Dad to come up with a Chinese name.  And I also need to think of a ‘social media name’ for the little one like the one we have for Bunty.  { Bunty is not my toddler’s real name and she would never respond to it IRL, haha! }

5.  Bunty is turning 3 next month!  Life is gonna be crazy with a newborn and THREE-nager!

6.  There’s a bossy girl in B’s ballet class and she loves to push B around.  I have to stop myself from stepping in and let her learn to defend herself.  Luckily B just ignores her and gets on with it.

7.  Instagram Stories was REALLY annoying until a girlfriend told me you can MUTE stories by pressing on their icon.  Now that I’ve muted out all the annoying ones, I’m really enjoying it.  Jamie Oliver and Chrissy Teigen are currently the only celebrities I follow on Instagram Stories because I like their “realness”.

8.  Snapchat filters are the best.  The Hello Kitty one needs to be permanent!

Monthly Goals : November 2016

I used to consider myself a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow, non-planner type of gal.  And then I realised that all I do is procrastinate and waste away precious time and I really need to have goals and write to-do lists so I can GET SH!T DONE!

With my maternity leave officially starting this week { woohoo! }, I am determined to write some kick-ass goals and (hopefully) tick them off before my hands are full juggling a newborn and a toddler.

november goals 2016

And I’m sharing my monthly goals with you because I’m hoping this will make me accountable  *fingers crossed*

This month’s goals are all very baby-orientated but I make no apologies for that 😛

1.  Batch cook plenty of meals, label them and freeze them.

2.  Buy a scrapbook journal for Bub #2 and start writing in it ASAP before bubba arrives!  And don’t forget to update Bunty’s scrapbook journal too!

3.  Dig out all the newborn baby clothes which were carefully packed away a few years ago, select what is needed and wash and dry them.  Donate all the other unwanted items.

5.  Decide on a Bumpa Mat design and order it!  { but all the designs are so pretty!!!  How to choose???!!!  HELP ME PLEASE! }

6.  Sort out the Parental Leave Pay paperwork.

7.  Book a pampering session – get brows and moustache threaded, facial, foot massage, full body massage, manicure

8.  Trim fringe – Bunty’s and my own!

9.  Pack hospital bag.

10.  Bake this luscious lemon slice recipe.

11.  Go on a toddler-free date with the husband.

12.  Send out invitations for Bunty’s 3rd birthday party { OMG, she is turning THREE! }

13.  Pelvic floor exercises – DO THEM!

14.  Have a girls’ night out.

15.  Buy / beg / borrow / steal a baby capsule!!!

16.  Get back into learning about photography and take more creative shots

17.  Take lonnnnggggg showers daily

18.  Introduce Bunty to a new hobby – gymnastics / musical instrument / crafting / something

19.  Successfully sell 3 things on Facebook Buy Sell Swap page

20.  Take photos and videos of the bump

Gosh, that’s 20 goals for November!!!  So many!!  Hopefully I can get most of them ticked off amongst all the other time-wasting stuff I do 😛

Will update you next month and create more monthly goals!

Are you a monthly planner?  What goals do you want to achieve this month?

Taking Stock : October 2016

lifestyle blog pic

Making : salads
Cooking : salmon for dinner tonight
Drinking : sparkling water which gives the bubba hiccups
Reading : baking blogs which makes me want a Kitchenaid mixer
Wanting : to eat crusty bread and salted butter
Looking : heavily pregnant
Playing : trains with Bunty
Wasting : an eggplant today because I failed at making baba ganoush
Sewing : nothing because I am not a sewing type of gal
Wishing : for a good tv show to binge watch – any suggestions?
Enjoying : the last day of my 4 day long weekend!
Waiting : for my Apple Watch Series 2 to arrive
Liking : the fact that I will be on full-time maternity leave soooooon
Wondering : if my waters will break early because the baby’s head is fully engaged and giving me lightning crotch
Loving : life
Hoping : to tick off my long to-do list before bubba arrives
Marvelling : at the fact that I didn’t take an afternoon nap
Needing : to declutter ASAP
Smelling : like smoky eggplant
Wearing : what I wore to bed last night and not even feeling bad about it
Following : less people on Instagram because they go OTT with Instagram stories
Noticing : that it’s nearly time to cook dinner
Knowing : that I am loved
Thinking : of what to order next time we go to Dainty Sichuan
Feeling : really good
Bookmarking : recipes I want to try
Opening : a new jar of olives
Giggling : with Bunty

Thanks for reading peeps!

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