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Sunday Sharing – 7 Things On My Mind


This Sunday, I’ve decided to share 7 random things on my mind…

1.  Last week, my handbag containing my purse got stolen so I’ve been busy organising new bank / drivers licence / Medicare / private health insurance / loyalty cards to be sent.  I curse my bag thief with the biggest itchiest genital herpetic lesion!!!  Actually, make that plural – LESIONS!!!

2.  Only 3 more sleeps till my Mother arrives.  She’s here, not for me…but for her granddaughter Bunty Boo.  I hope she remembers to bring my favourite Scottish biccies { Digestives and Rich Tea, like duh! }

3.  I am looking forward to plenty of date nights with Mr LOL while my Mother babysits.  When I say “date nights”, it will most likely involve eating fatty foods in some restaurant that food bloggers have raved about on Instagram.

4.  It was super hot in Melbourne towards the end of the week and I felt hot and stuffy!  With the temperatures rising up, I urge thee to drink iced tea { alcoholic or non-alcoholic } and apply sunscreen.  And even if it’s stone cold Winter where you are, it’s also important to slap it on too.  Here are my tried and tested recommendations.

5.  I have a new blog obsession.  Ugh, it makes me feel so inadequate.  I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now and it’s not gotten me the book deal / I can’t give up my day job and blog for a living / I haven’t achieved worldwide blogging success.  All I have gained from all these years of blogging is a sore bum, RSI and worsened eyesight!  But I still love it and thank everyone { you know who you are! ) for their support for this new venture!  * sending virtual hugs and kisses *

6.  My right nipple is hurting as I type this { T to the M to the I!!!! }  Bunty and her two bottom teeth have not treated me kindly this week!  In other Bunty news, we took her swimming for the first time…and I’ll share the details in another post.

7.  There are 45 days till Christmas which also means, that there are 51 days left of 2014!!!  Where did the time go????!!!

…and now, it’s over to you.

Don’t be a stranger.  Don’t be shy.  Share anything you want.  Because sharing is caring!

Meet The LOL Family

The LOL family

Since I inappropriately dedicated the first post on Ling Out Loud { LOL } on crap, I totally got in trouble from my sister Y, so to redeem myself, allow me to officially introduce you all to my little LOL Family.

If you already know our backgrounds, then allow me to congratulate you for your excellent social media stalking skills!  But for everyone else who is new to us, please read on.

Ling from Ling Out Loud

Let’s start with little old me.  I’m Ling – that is my real name.  { That is a headshot of me before marriage and motherhood took its toll on me 😛 }  I wanted to be all mysterious and come up with an exotic faux name but I’m rubbish with naming things.  Cases in point – naming my blogs The Best Beauty Blog { big head much? }, Lip Stalker { creepy much? } and now, Ling Out Loud { a play on ‘think out loud’ slash ‘laugh out loud‘ }.  *hangs head in shame*

I think I am slightly silly for starting a new blog when I have limited free time but I knew I had to have a new TMI { TOO MUCH INFO } outlet when I realised how soul-destroying it is to waste my oversharing abilities on writing beauty reviews all the time on my other blogs.  When I wrote a recent vagina post, it kickstarted my mojo and here I am today!  YAY!

Anyway, I’m a Scottish Chinese lass { parents are from Hong Kong } but moved to Australia in 2009.  During my stay in Sydney, I met my now-husband – he’s kinda shy and wishes to remain anonymous so let’s call him Mr LOL { totes original but at least, it’s better than The Procrappinator, right? }  We got married within 8 months of meeting each other because I really needed a visa to stay in Australia.  Haha, just kiddddding!

I’ve recently re-ignited my passion for photography and I’ve even taken my DSLR out of the house.  Not hanging it round my neck like a total tourist, but hanging it off my shoulder like a total banker with a W.  It’s semi-embarrassing but the camera on my new iPhone 6 is not fantastic…although I am looking forward to getting a selfie stick so I can take photos of our little family.

Anyway, as you may have gathered, I have a cheeky, crazy, sarcastic sense of humour with a tendency to overshare.

Mr LOL and Ling

The Procrappinator Mr LOL, the amazing man of my dreams and the loving father to my children, is a human wind machine { farting is one of his super powers! }.  He loves food glorious food, Apple gadgets, watching sports and DIY home improvement stuff { he loves watching Better Homes & Gardens for inspiration }.  Sadly, he doesn’t share my love of blogging because he describes himself as “a man of few words“, but I have my { dirty } ways to squeeze a word or two out of him for future blog posts so keep your eyes peeled.

We decided to expand our family in 2013 but after losing two heartbeats within one year, we decided to take a break as I was physically and emotionally done.  Well, the Big Guy Upstairs { God } had other plans and we found out I was pregnant AGAIN within this same year.

40 weeks and 2 days later, our little Bunty { not her real name but we would have named her that if it didn’t rhyme with a certain C-U-Next-Tuesday word } popped out and changed our lives { and my ladybits! #TMI } forever.

ling out loud, cutest baby ever

Bunty is 10.5 months old.  Two-teethed, cheeky chatterbox with chubby thighs!  Crawling everywhere and learning to stand unassisted for 5 seconds these days.  She loves to put everything into her mouth.  She hates headbands with a vengeance but that won’t stop me from putting them on her!  She also gives the best cuddles!

Cliché as it sounds, she is my everything and I love her sooooo much…except for the never-ending snot and stinky nappies! #foreverwipingbumsandnoses

I just cannot believe I helped make such a cutie and she came out from down there because everything else I’ve made and come out from down there in that area thus far has been…well…literally, shi… CRAP!  { gosh, I do talk a lot about crap, don’t I?! }

Anyway, Bunty is another reason why this blog exists.  In the future, when she can finally understand the power of the written word, I want her to be a blogging superstar that I failed to be I want her to read this blog and smile at the family stories I’ve shared, laugh at the ridiculous things I write about and cringe at the photos that were taken.  It will be great to relive the memories together as I’m sure my Nemo-memory cannot retain all the treasured moments so blogging will keep me accountable in documenting things.

On that note, my next post will be on my birth experience so if that’s something you’re interested, please come back and visit!

Care to share about you and your family?  If you have a lifestyle blog, feel free to leave a link below so I can check it out because I am nosey like that.

Procrappinating – Everyone Does It, So How Is It Not A Word?

procaffeinating, procrastinating meme, procrappinating, lol meme

I used to be skilled at procrastinating till I realised procaffeinating { drinking tea (or Diet Coke) whilst procrastinating } was more fun.

Last night, I had an epiphany; a new word formed in my head.  It turns out that there is an ultimate stage of procrastination which a lot of people have been doing since day dot…but there is NO KNOWN WORD for this…until NOW!

And that is…


Doing a big huge ass smelly dump instead of doing something more urgent.

Genius, right??!!!

You see, last night, I was tucked up in bed watching the latest episode of The Apprentice UK { I love me some Sugar lovin’! } when I started to notice a stench fill the air.  It couldn’t have been the baby as she, herself, was snoozing happily in Baby Dreamland in her cot in her own room.  And then I heard a snigger…

I was so engrossed in the episode that I hadn’t noticed that my dearest Husband had stopped folding the laundry { yep, he is a housekeeping Husband } and snuck into our en-suite to do his business.  With the door wide open, he was stinking out the joint with the presence of his excrement…whilst sniggering away at something on his iPad.  And guess what?  He stayed there for a good 45 minutes enjoying the essence of his poop.

I pinched my nostrils shut and yelled “Stop procrappinating!” – the birth of a new word!

He replied with another PLOP! followed by another snigger!  Lovely!

And wait for this…

black and white

I am married to The Procrappinator!!!  { okay, it sounds funnier in my head! }

On a side note, as self-appointed Queen of TMI { that’s Too Much Info for all the acronym noobs reading this }, I thought I’d overshare and let you know that I am actually slightly jealous of my procrappinating Husband because I wish I could procrappinate.

Why?  What happened? – I imagine you asking with furrowed brows of immense interest in my predicament…


I’ve been seeing a Pelvic Physio { she must have the most interesting work stories everrrr! } after giving birth last year, thanks to a 3rd degree tear, and on Wednesday afternoon’s appointment, she stuck her finger up my…how shall I put this?…crap-hole { a polite version of a$$hole } and made me do exercises for a good solid 10 minutes.

FACT : I have not stopped clenching my butt cheeks since then { glutes of steel }…and I may never unclench them ever again!!!

I have not touched cloth since that day { Where are you my dear TURDLE? (yes, I have actually named my crap!) } so yeah, there aint no procrappinating for sad little old me for a while!!  

IN CONCLUSION : The Procappinator is now married to The Constipator!

Moving on, if you’ve read this far, congratulations!  You have just finished reading the first post on Ling Out Loud…and I, literally, blogged about crap!!!  If TMI-ness is your cup of tea, don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates because knowing me and my tendency to word vomit, there’s definitely plenty more of where that came from!

I have also set up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LingOutLoud for regular spamming of daily rants, baby pics, food porn, selfies and random shizz, but please do NOT feel obligated to follow me there because there’s nothing worse than being forced to ‘friend’ someone when you don’t really want to.  It’s how I feel when my mum’s cousin’s long-lost dog’s owner’s sister sends me a Facebook friend request…

And it’s over to you in the comments section!  How do you procrastinate?  Are you a Procrappinator too?  Any words of advice to help me from dying from constipation?

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