I love everything French…French accents…French fries…French kissing…French skincare!

Bioderma, one of my French skincare faves, recently sent me 3 new products from the Bioderma Sensibio range – Lait, Tonique and BB Cream.

Bioderma Sensibio Lait is a cleansing milk which removes makeup and gunk from your face without having to rinse it off.  It’s so easy to use because you just squish some on a cotton pad and wipe away.  It’s really gentle – it did not sting my eyes at all and my skin feels soft after using it.

Sometimes when I’m NOT feeling lazy, I will apply this cleanser directly to my face, massage it in and then rinse it off with a face cloth.

Just quietly, I prefer Bioderma Sensibio Lait to the infamous, makeup artist fave, H20 Micelle Solution!!  Shhh!!!

Now I’m not usually a toner kinda gal because I’m super lazy but when I did NOT use the Bioderma Sensibio Tonique, I noticed a difference in texture to my skin…it was NOT as smooth and silky as when I used it.

Again, you can apply this to skin with a cotton pad soaked in solution.  It’s only another minute (or two tops) onto your skincare routine, but I would highly recommend Bioderma Sensibio Tonique.  It’s just got that je ne said quoi which makes serums and moisturisers sink in better after using it.

And last but not least, Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream.  The AR stands for anti-redness.  For a newborn mama who looks constantly tired but has no time to put on everyday makeup, this is the perfect fuss-free solution.  It is easy to slap some on in the mornings and it provides light coverage, just to subtly even out my skintone and make me look “tired” instead of “VERY tired”.

I also appreciate the fact that it contains SPF 30 even though I wear daily sunscreen.  Every extra SPF layer helps, right?

In the unedited selfie below, I’m wearing only the Bioderma BB cream, ColourPop brow pencil and pink lippy.  This was taken before I gave birth so I don’t look as tired as I do now!

Now that I’ve given birth, I am still using these 3 Bioderma products daily because my skin loves all 3 of them – easy and effective skincare!

What Bioderma Sensibio products have you tried and liked?

Disclosure : Thanks to Bioderma PR for introducing me to these awesome products.  All opinions are, as usual, my own.

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