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My Mum is currently too engrossed in back-to-back episodes of Scandal to blog so I thought I’d put my baby blogging hat on and take over for today by sharing what I have been up to by Taking Stock { thanks to Pip from Meet Me At Mikes – yes, I’m a one year old baby who can blog and read blogs too }

Making : big stinky poos as usual
Cooking : wan tons { tissues with green runny nose fillings – a Chinese joke! }
Drinking : full fat creamy cow’s milk – MOOOOO!!
Reading : Peppa Pig books
Wanting : ice cream from McDonald’s
Looking : innocent and cute
Playing : with new friends at daycare
Wasting : breakfast which is soggy cardboard otherwise known as Weetbix
Sewing : nothing…yet!  I’m too young for child labour!
Wishing : for a baby sibling to corrupt
Enjoying : dancing to Taylor Swift songs
Waiting : for Daddy to come home from work
Liking : sweet things
Wondering : what new trick I should do to make the adults laugh
Loving : me is easy!
Hoping : my hair will grow faster
Marvelling : at how fun it is to blog
Needing : a pair of shoes that fit me
Smelling : like a baby still
Wearing : a Mix Apparel baby pink dress
Following : my Mum to the toilet and wishing I hadn’t
Noticing : that if I cry really loud, I’ll get more attention
Knowing : that my family love me
Thinking : what to eat for dinner
Feeling : cranky now because this blogging business is tiring me out
Bookmarking : is for oldies!
Opening : apps on my parents’ iPad like a pro
Giggling : when I get tickled in the tummy
Feeling : sleepy now…time for a baby nap methinks!

Thanks for reading peeps!

Kiss kiss,

Bunty Boo xx

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