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Hi, I’m Ling.

I don’t really look like that anymore.  No, I haven’t had plastic surgery beyond facial recognition but I squeezed out a 8lb 7oz baby girl, Bunty Boo, from my ladybits { #TMI #sorrynotsorry } in December 2013 { birth story here } so I now have grey hair and permanent undereye bags!

Plus we are now expecting another little one due to arrive in December 2016!  #decemberbabiesrock

Ling Out Loud is a beauty and lifestyle blog where I share the things I love which include

  • daily life – random thoughts and snapshots, stories about my fambam
  • beauty – I am a semi-retired beauty blogger and blogged exclusively about beauty for 5-6 years and I make lipstick videos
  • tech – I was lucky to be chosen as an eBay Tech Tester where I make monthly videos reviewing tech so now I fancy myself as a bit of tech geek!
  • food – I am one of those Asians who photograph everything she eats!  Except the food that my MIL cooks!
  • anything else that tickles my fancy… oo-er!  Yes, I share TMI stories too such as this itchy vagina story.

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