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Just call me a Canon-ista!  

When I got invited to go on a Canon Collective Photographic Walking Tour at the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show, I was like – “Heck yeah!!!!”

canon collective walking tour

We got to play with a Canon 70D and a 100mm macro lens { and adorn a highly trendy Canon Collective top! }.

It was my first time trying out a macro lens on a DSLR and oh boy, it was a real eye-opener to see things in such small intricate detail.

Here are some beginner’s DSLR macro photography tips I picked up :-

1.  Go manual.  Turn your dial from Auto to M so you can have full control over the settings you want.

tulips from Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

2.  Set your aperture settings first.  I found that the best aperture setting for my macro shots were between f11 to f14 as it helped pick up the intricate details.

3.  Then choose your shutter speed and exposure.  If you increase your shutter speed, there is less light so you have to increase your exposure – which is the ISO.  For example, when I was taking pictures of the bees, it didn’t sit still and let me do my thang so I had a quicker shutter speed and a higher ISO.  And then when I took pictures of cactus – which are static, I slowed down my shutter speed and decreased my ISO.

macro photography

4.  Get up close to your subject.  Usually bees scare the living daylights out of me, but wielding a big long lens made me totally fearless and I preferred the shots that I took of them when I was up close.

macro cactus, black and white cactus

5.  Look for patterns and textures to photograph.  They also look amazing in black and white.

And here’s a bonus tip – take lots of photos because practice makes perfect!

FYI – if you want more photography tips, check out my post on flat lay photography.

macro bee

After the tour, we got an A3 print of our favourite photo.  This was my favourite macro photo that I took!  I love the pretty details of the bee’s wings and the vivid colours from the purple flower.

What do you think of my photo?  Not bad for my first time?? #fishingforacompliment

us at the Canon Collective Melbourne Walking Tour

And while we were waiting for my photo to print, I took an obligatory selfie with Mr LOL.  He was drooling over those Canon printers!  { He works in a printing company! }  I was drooling over all the Canon gear.  And Bunty…?  Well, she was drooling in Snoozeland in her comfy wee pram.

Thanks to Steve, Emma and Kirsty for looking after me and the family at the Canon Collective Walking Tour.  For more Canon Collective events, check this out.

Are you a macro photography fan?  Share your macro photography tips in the comments.

I received a free ticket to attend the tour.  This is not a sponsored post.  I was under no obligation to blog about it but I chose to do so because I genuinely loved it.

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