I am lucky to have one hour lunch breaks at work on most days.

The Fitness Yogi Angel on my right shoulder says – “Go for a walk before you eat!”

The Lazy Fat Ass on my left shoulder says – “Just sit down and eat!”

No surprises on who wins!!!

Anyway, whilst eating lunch, I’ve been reading a lot of health and fitness magazines; in hope that it will make me healthier and fitter by osmosis!!!  { Haha, I wish!!! }
weight loss tips


These mags are full of weight loss tips and here’s 3 interesting ones that I read { and my thoughts on them } :-

Go to sleep.

Losing two hours of sleep a night slows down the body’s metabolism which makes it easier to gain weight.

{ But Netflix TV marathons are my life!!!  The autoplay next episode is genius!!! }

Don’t use the word DIET.

The D word may cause you to feel distressed about your weight and appearance, but won’t help you make healthier food choices in the long run.

{ I just have to see the M sign and I’m thinking of super-sizing my Maccas order.  Drive Thru because lazy! }

Tap it.

Tap your forehead and ear with your index finger for 30 seconds and it will curb your cravings.

{ Does tapping your iPhone count??!!! }

I foresee a long and arduous journey into a healthier and fitter me…sighzzzz!!!!

P.S.  I bet you’re tapping your forehead and ear to see if it really works!!!!  I just tried it too…but I still want CHOCOLATE!!!!

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