Snapshots Of Life // 2016 Part 1

beef bourguignon

SALTY  //  Made beef bourguignon today for our Valentines’ dinner.  I followed Chelsea Winter’s recipe without any meddling but it turned out a tad too salty for our tastebuds.  That said, we loved the richness and depth of flavours.  But next time I make it, I will make sure I tweak it Ling style 🙂

H&M ripped jeans

RIPPED  //  H&M jeans that I managed to squeeze into.  Total bargain at $5.  FIVE freaking dollars.  Why didn’t I buy another pair??


10 Blogs I Love To Read

It’s really hard to find a good blog to read these days because blogs are too commercialised / they just review ‘free shizz’ / their photos and/or writing are crap / “blogging is dead”

I love reading blogs.

It was my version of Netflix before…well, before Netflix came to Australia.

Nowadays, I Netflix and read blogs.

{ Occasionally I do the “chill” part too.  Hehe!  #TMI }

Anyway, since my lovely friend V – who has just started her fitness journey blog { A Better V } – asked for blog recommendations, I thought it would be a fab idea to list them all here so you can go find a good blog to read.

And holler at me with some recommendations too please.  I read everything except political blogs.


Here are 10 blogs I love to read, in no particular order :-

Toby Wigglebottom :  A blog about a dog and his human brother.  I am actually scared of dogs { and cats and basically all animals! } but we’re hoping to get one when Bunty is older so they can grow up together.

I Spy Plum Pie :  Met the lovely Liz at a blog event and her eco living tips inspires me to be more green.  In fact, I did some gardening this afternoon.  *shock horror faint*

Karen Cheng’s Fashion & Life :  I’ve been reading Karen’s blog before I started blogging!!!  She has a way of telling everyday stories which make her relatable and fun to read.  Plus she has a great wardrobe.  And she’s fit too.

For The Love Of Ava & God’s Glory :  I cried reading through this blog and I occasionally cry reading new updates.  Written by her mum, Ava is a little girl who had leukaemia and an organ transplant…and it’s kinda flaring up again.

The Mustard Jumper :  Natalie, a 30-something Melbournite, blogs about her thoughts and things she buys.  She buys a lot of things.  I buy a lot of things.

Fat Mum Slim :  Probably like the most famous Aussie blog so you’ve probably already got that on your reading list.  Nevertheless, it is one of my fave blogs to read because Chantelle has useful photography tips, funny stories and yummy recipes.

Olive Dragonfly Blog :  Written mainly by my ex-classmate Bex.  She doesn’t update as much these days because she has her hands full with gorgeous twins and work but she blogs about Pin It Do It challenges and her motherhood journey.  Her friend Roz also blogs occasionally about her Forever Home in Glasgow, my hometown, and she lives in like the most gorgeous building (built in 1800’s, Grade A) everrrrr!  Stalk here.

Crazy Days & Nights :  For all my celebrity goss.  And the reason why I stopped buying celebrity goss magazines who churn out the same crap over and over again.

Sydney Shop Girl :  I don’t even know SSG’s real name or what she looks like but I feel like I know her through her personal blog.  Does that sound creepy??  Anyway, lucky for me, we became Twitter friends!  She blogs about Sydney life with a toddler, now threenager.

The Freckled Fox :  Emily is 25 and a mother of 5 kids aged 5 and under.  She has beautiful red hair so she does a lot of hair tutorials – of which I shall never attempt.  But what I enjoy reading mostly is her daily life stories because come on, she’s 25 with 5 kids!!!  When I was 25, I…erm…can’t even remember because it was so long ago hahahaha!

FYI, I haven’t mentioned a lot of other blogs that I love too.  E.g. beauty / food / baking / photography / craft / blogging blogs.  But like I mentioned before, my blog reading list is longggggggggggg and I had to choose 10 only.

Well, I didn’t have to choose 10 only…but I am too lazy to blog any more than 10.  I have Monday-itis brewing!  It’s Sunday evening and I have Grey’s Anatomy waiting for me!!!

Happy blog reading!!!

Ling’s Love List #1

The title says it all.

lings love list

Clearly, I’m in the mood for some alliteration *winks*

Anyway, here’s a list of the things I have been loving lately :-

Calvin Klein Push Up Bra

Do breasts look worse after breastfeeding?  Well, I don’t know about yours but mine certainly look terrible!  I decided to invest in some push up bras and the best one I have found so far for comfort, wearability and perk-ability { It is so a word! } are by Calvin Klein.  Of course it had to be an expensive brand.  But it’s worth every cent to perk up my rather deflated girls.

Hubs :  Wow, your boobs have grown!
Me :  Haha, you wish!  *whips off bra and gravity ensues*

Woolworths Free Fruit For Kids

Let your kids enjoy a fresh piece of fruit while you shop.

Whoever in Woolies came up with this initiative, I salute you!

I was a bit iffy with Woolworths for a long time especially when my handbag got stolen in one of their stores last year and they didn’t give a rat’s arse and took down my details on the back of a receipt!

But they’re back on my supermarket shopping radar for now.

lings love list #1


I went from WTF-is-this-swiping-piece-of-s**t? to checking Snapchat first thing in the morning before I check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

I did get a sleazy Snapchat yesterday from someone called Rick who asked me if I wanted to “see him cum”.  F off mate!!!


Absolutely love the friends I have in Melbourne who share the same love of food and goss as I do.  Also love my Twitter friends who have kept me sane through motherhood and life.  I should also mention that I love my friends back home in UK who still think of me.

Miniso Stores

If the stores Daiso and Muji had a baby, it would be Miniso.

I was in Hong Kong for a short and sweet visit last month and I noticed a lot of Miniso stores everywhere. They are Japanese and sell a wide variety of stuff from homewares to cosmetics and the packaging reminded me of Uniqlo.  Anyway, the prices were pretty affordable and the quality aint bad at all.

Unfortunately, there are no Miniso stores in Australia at present, but I’m sure it won’t be long till they make it Down Under.  You read it here first *winks*

Grey’s Anatomy

Am I late to the Grey’s party or am I late?  Well, better late than never!  And I’ve got a zillion episodes to watch so I don’t have to waste time flicking through Netflix looking for something to watch.

And on that note, I’m due my next Grey’s fix in 5 minutes!  See yaaaaaa!!!

What have you been loving lately?  

7 Goals I Want To Achieve In 2016

I can’t believe we’re already at double digits, i.e. 10th day, of 2016 already.

I stupidly didn’t set any goals for 2015 because I wanted to “Smile more, worry less!” but I actually spent last year feeling pretty miserable because of unbloggable reasons.

2016 let's do this

I’ve learnt my lesson and I have plenty of 2016 goals which I want to share with you all :-

1.  Get fit

Nearly all of my girlfriends got into running last year and I wanted to be part of their squad; but alas the only thing that runs in my life is my eyeliner!  Anyway, there’s many ways to get fit so I’m starting the Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.0 tomorrow!!!  Follow me on Instagram & Snapchat to see me sweat @LingOutLoud

2.  Eat healthier

McDonald’s was my second home last year and now I’ve got a massive food baby which I need to get rid of ASAP because I’m going to be a bridesmaid to one of my BFFs in Scotland in August…eeks!!!  I refuse to use the word “diet” because that automatically makes me crave all the junk food.

3.  Tackle something on my to-do list before watching Netflix

No more Netflix binges!  It works out better this way because I can tick things off my to-do list and also, I won’t easily run out of Netflix episodes to watch.

4.  Spend even more time with people that matter

Instead of trying to make friends with people that I am iffy about, I’m just going to keep working on the current friendships I have.  And be grateful that they accept me as I am!!!!

And of course, I will be spending even more quality time with my little fambam,

5.  Declutter!!!

This my never-ending goal because when I declutter, I end up buying more stuff and hoarding it….arghhhh!!!!!  I actually started decluttering during my Christmas break and got rid of 30-40 pairs of shoes!!!  It felt sooooo good!  But then I went and bought 5 new pairs of shoes hahaha.

6.  Sponsor a child

I’ve been inspired by a couple I know who have a few sponsored children via Compassion and it’s something that I really want to start doing this year, together with my husband.

7.  Cook recipes from my cookbooks

I have a zillion cookbooks but I have never ever cooked any recipes from them.  Instead, I like to google recipes and amalgamate them together because I think I’m kinda cool and creative haha.  I am hoping to try and make a few Jamie Oliver recipes this year.

7 goals is more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of the year.  If I achieve them, fantastico, but if I don’t, I will try again in 2017.

new years resolutions

I also had some crazy totally un-achievable goals that I scrapped after thinking them through properly…

1.  Do a daily vlog 

Firstly, I work full-time.  Who wants to see a vlog of that?!!  BO-RING!!!!  Secondly, where would I find the time to edit and upload it???

2.  Apply makeup every day

Yes, I know I am a beauty blogger and have a room full of makeup but I’d rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed than put on makeup for work.  Besides, at work, I wear a mask and a visor so it’s pretty pointless.

3.  Spend more time offline

Who am I kidding?  I love being online and chatting to my online friends.  I also finally caught onto Snapchat and I’m constantly checking that haha.  Add me – LingOutLoud

So what were your goals for this year?  How is 2016 treating you so far?

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