Meeting The Pixiwoo Sisters

Real Techniques Australia event with the pixiwoo sisters

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a Real Techniques beauty media event to meet Sam and Nic Chapman, AKA the Pixiwoo sisters from Youtube.

I’m always a bit nervous meeting famous people, but Sam and Nic were BOTH so lovely, friendly and approachable!!!  Very down to earth!!!

And yep, their makeup is absolutely flawless in real life too!

We had a good chinwag about pelvic floor exercises and pregnancies and we laughed at how British cups of tea are the solution for all problems.

melbourne beauty bloggers

It’s been a while since I’ve attended any blogging events due to life commitments but I’m glad I was able to make it to this one.  It was great to catch up with old blogging friends and make new acquaintances too.

The event was held at the Skybar Lounge at Crown Metropol which required a solid 15 minute walk, i.e. a lot of waddling for me, all the way from Flinders Street Station – haha!

fish and chips at Skybar Lounge at Crown Metropol

But I refuelled my energy by loading up on the yummy food they served.  This was my fave – fish and chips, of course!

The sisters were in Australia to launch 3 new additions to their Real Techniques range in Priceline, of which I will share more about in a later post.

Thanks to 360 PR for the invite!

Taking Stock : October 2016

lifestyle blog pic

Making : salads
Cooking : salmon for dinner tonight
Drinking : sparkling water which gives the bubba hiccups
Reading : baking blogs which makes me want a Kitchenaid mixer
Wanting : to eat crusty bread and salted butter
Looking : heavily pregnant
Playing : trains with Bunty
Wasting : an eggplant today because I failed at making baba ganoush
Sewing : nothing because I am not a sewing type of gal
Wishing : for a good tv show to binge watch – any suggestions?
Enjoying : the last day of my 4 day long weekend!
Waiting : for my Apple Watch Series 2 to arrive
Liking : the fact that I will be on full-time maternity leave soooooon
Wondering : if my waters will break early because the baby’s head is fully engaged and giving me lightning crotch
Loving : life
Hoping : to tick off my long to-do list before bubba arrives
Marvelling : at the fact that I didn’t take an afternoon nap
Needing : to declutter ASAP
Smelling : like smoky eggplant
Wearing : what I wore to bed last night and not even feeling bad about it
Following : less people on Instagram because they go OTT with Instagram stories
Noticing : that it’s nearly time to cook dinner
Knowing : that I am loved
Thinking : of what to order next time we go to Dainty Sichuan
Feeling : really good
Bookmarking : recipes I want to try
Opening : a new jar of olives
Giggling : with Bunty

Thanks for reading peeps!

Foodie Find : Prima Taste Beef Rendang

For the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy, I could barely eat any meat.  In fact, I couldn’t even stand the smell of it.

Thankfully, that passed…until I hit the week 29 mark and was informed that I had gestational diabetes AND low iron levels.

Anyway, it’s been a bit of a challenge adjusting to my new low carb, low GI and high iron eating plan because I LOVE CARBS

That said, I discovered a new foodie find which is a dinner winner in our household and that is…

Prima Taste Beef Rendang

Prima Taste Rendang.

You can make this with beef, chicken or lamb but I chose beef because I need all the red meat I can eat thanks to my anaemia.

I’m not Malaysian nor Singaporean { I’m Scottish and parents are from Hong Kong } so I don’t know what true authentic beef rendang tastes like but for a ready-to-cook meal kit, this was pretty darn good!

And my Malaysian Chinese husband totally agrees!

I marinated 800g of beef shin in the rendang paste marinade for 3 hours { 12 hours is recommended } and followed the step by step instructions in the packet { so easy with only 4 steps! }.

prima taste rendang

At first I wasn’t too convinced as the mixture looked a bit lumpy when I added the Prima Coconut Premix powder…

But after 3.5 hours of slow cooking, it turned into this beautiful “eat-me-now” curry.

I served it with roti.  The beef was tasty and succulent and the sauce was aromatic and so more-ish.

If I wasn’t on a low carb diet, I would definitely have made rice to go with it too!

Prima Taste beef rendang and roti

Our bellies were super full and there was still enough leftovers for another dinner.

{ FYI, my fussy toddler only ate the roti and turned her nose up at the beef rendang…she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on! }

If I had the time and energy, I would definitely love to scavenge the raw ingredients and make beef rendang from scratch but let’s get real here, I’m too lazy tired so that aint gonna happen anytime soon.

At under $7 per box { from my local Asian supermarket }, I predict that Prima Taste Beef Rendang will be a regular pantry staple in our household.

Have you tried Prima Taste Beef Rendang or do you make your rendang paste from scratch?  If you do, please share your recipe with me, thanks.

[ Disclosure :  I bought this, I made this and I liked it so I blogged about it.  This is not sponsored.  Sharing is caring so calm yer farm to the peeps who get antsy about bloggers who don’t disclose because this is me disclosing…and there’s nothing to declare…but thanks for reading to the very enddddddd 😛 ]

28 Weeks Later

ling out loud pregnancy announcement

28 weeks today and entering my third trimester!!! #notafoodbaby

I’ve been trying to keep this pregnancy a secret on social media { except for the odd Snapchat snippet } so a lot of my friends don’t even know I am pregnant.

It’s a good thing really because I have spared them all from my whingeing { I have severe pelvic girdle pain and I can barely walk some days! } and my TMI stories about vomiting 8 times a day { thankfully this stopped at week 20 }.

Anyway, we are over the moon and so thankful for this ‘coming-soon’ addition to our little fambam.  Exciting times, dirty nappies and sleepless nights await us!  And the newborn snugglessssssssss…!!!!

P.S.  In case you are wondering, Bunty has super red lips in the photo because she just finished drinking beetroot juice and not because she’s wearing my red lipstick haha.

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